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Happy holidays to all of you who are heading out to the sunshine abroad, I can’t quite believe just how many of my friends and colleagues have the next couple of weeks off! I’m looking forward to seeing all their lovely outfits on social media.

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There was a couple of hours of sunshine today in between all the showers so I opted for my H&M Bardot top that I’ve not worn for a while. I first purchased it at the beginning of Spring, and I’m quite excited that I still have weeks ahead to be able to wear it.

One of the new trends this summer is the blue cotton shirt, you can get this as it is in various different blues and in stripes too, but I’m also seeing this in dresses and the Bardot top, which I simply love love love. 

Yellow is also a key colour this season which I have to say I’m really quite liking too. So I’ve headed out and tried on some Bardot tops, they are very versatile with jeans, shorts and for some skirts, just try and avoid the gypsy look (that’s never good!).

Dorothy Perkins
White Cutout Bardot Top

I’m loving this white top from DP firstly for the thickness and quality of the cotton, it’s one of the downsides to my H&M top, mine is a tad flimsy, this felt lovely and gave me that kind of fresh crisp feeling you get with white cotton. Loved the flute sleeves too, my only criticism was too much material around the waistline for my liking.


Now I’m going to show you a few from New Look, there are so many in the shop I could not have tried them all on and they they have a huge amount online too! I’ve not been able to find links for some of them, sorry! That said you need to go in store to try on, their sizing is all over the place, no consistency I’m afraid!

Blue Stripe Floral Print Tie Sleeve Bardot Top

This is a lovely cotton blue stripe that mixes in the floral trend, which I’m starting to like now that I’ve seen it on various items. This was a size 14, a fairly good fit and not a bad price at £19.99.


Dorothy Perkins
Black Tulip Lace Trim Bardot Top

I loved the fit of this one, it was great around the shoulder line, and the cotton was lovely and soft. This would be great for an evening look with black shorts, skirt or trousers. The price is fantastic if you don’t want to spend too much on this trend, and if they had this in other colour options I would have purchased one, I just don’t need another black top at the moment (can’t believe I just said that, I think I need a lie down!). This one is a size 14, if I were to buy, I would have tried the 12 to see if the fit was a tad tighter. Overall this top was 10/10 for me.


This one too is from New Look, I liked the colour, I struggled a bit getting my hand through the hole at the end of the sleeve even though I untied them (slightly worrying because I don’t have big hands at all!) and it’s a size 12! Whilst the price was lovely at £15.99, I would have happily had paid an extra £4 to have some more length, I’m leaning forward here so that you can’t see, but if I stood straight you’d see skin!! Not flattering at all, this was my least favourite of them all.


Lace Trim Bardot

This looked gorgeous on the hanger, lovely cotton and a great colour, I just found it all very disappointing. I definitely needed a 12 but they didn’t have that size, but the big no no for me was it would not stay on my shoulders, it kept popping up. I can’t be fiddly around with that, if you are going for a Bardot top, it needs to fit you on the shoulder and not move – well if you are going to get aerobic with your arms whilst you are talking – and as an Italian I understand that, you may have some movement, but on the whole you don’t want to be adjusting yourself, not a sign for a great outfit.


Again from New Look – I loved the colour, I loved how it sat on my shoulders, I even loved the material – great for a night out, just a tad too long I thought, but at £12.99 you can’t go wrong for a summer holiday break. This is a size 14, again if I were to purchase I think I would try a 12 to compare the fit.


New Look
Blue Crochet Lace Trim Bardot Neck Top

This was my favourite and so I have saved it to last from New Look – I loved the style of it and the fit. The quality of the cotton was good and it fitted lovely on the shoulders too. I’m wearing a size 12. A fabulous 10/10.


And whilst it’s not a Bardot top, I just wanted to show you this fabulous top I purchased this week from H&M, sorry ladies it was not online, I got it in this soft white and there was blush too in store, and it’s a great price at £17.99. You might want to drop a size, this is a 10 for a slightly tighter fit, I think if it’s too balloony it could make you look bigger than you are.

I’ve also got my favourite plum shoes on from New Look and I’ve teamed it up with this fabulous green suede clutch from Kettlewell Colours, which is available in eight different colours, it was perfect for my dinner with girlfriends this week.


Top: H&M
Jeans: Next
Suede tassel clutch: Kettlewell Colours
Shoes: New Look

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