What I wore January 2020
What I Wore

What I Wore is going to be a new monthly feature on Loved By Lizzi – it’s all well and good posting outfits everyday, but if you don’t know why then I’m not really helping you – so whilst these posts are fairly brief, I hope it gives you inspiration to restyle the pieces you already own and get more cost per wear whilst looking at potential new items that you will invest in and understand how you can incorporate them into your daily outfits.

What I Wore – Outfit 1

What I wore 5
Statement Piece: Red Leopard Print Skirt

I wanted to get more wear out of this skirt and so I decided that every day in Monday in January I would aim to wear something red leopard print – Whilst I didn’t necessarily wear this skirt every Monday in January the fact I focused on this theme made me wear this skirt plus another red leopard print dress that I have in my wardrobe that I’ve not worn for a while.

Themes are a good thing to have in your mind. You don’t need to tell anyone that’s what you are doing, but as casual Friday has become more popular… perhaps consider adopting Red Leopard Print Mondays too. It’s something I will probably plan to do in February too… but I might swap my day to Wednesday.


What I Wore – Outfit 2

What I wore 4
Statement Piece: Chanel inspired Zara jacket

I’ve owned this tweed jacket for over five years. I’m limited to wearing it in cooler months as I can get quite hot in it. As winter has been so mild and just lately I’ve been more keen to wear black, this just helps soften my look. For me personally, the more black I wear the more creative I am as a person. When I wear lots of ‘fussy things’ I find it distracting. I am a mood dresser and I have come to learn to embrace it rather than challenge it, so this is me softening my need to wear all black and luckily… monochrome is so on trend #winwin 😉


What I Wore – Outfit 3

What I wore 3
Statement Piece: Leopard Print Sweater Dress

Now that I’ve explained a little about why I personally wear so much black, I also use it as a shield when I have to step out of my comfort zone. On Thursday I was invited to take part by a National magazine to be part of their Spring fashion shoot. The feature will be in their April edition (and don’t worry you wont’ miss it as it was also feature here on the blog!).

I had to head into London to an all girl crew and I had to travel with no make up and my hair freshly washed and unstyled. I wanted to arrive looking half stylish – so my go to item was this leopard print sweater dress that I absolutely love – it’s comfy, it’s stylish and it makes a statement. It gives the other person something to say to start a conversation – and that’s how you open a dialog with new people when you are not quite feeling your most confident.


What I Wore – Outfit 4

What I wore 2
Statement Piece: Leopard Print Boots

We can all have down days – I’m certainly not free from that, particularly at this time of year. I suffer with SAD and it’s not necessarily winter or dark nights, it’s more about rain and grey skies for me. To help me cope with my symptoms, I get all dressed up on days when I don’t really need to.

I blogged most of the day in the office when I wore this and all I did was pop out for coffee for an hour. I wore this outfit simply because it cheered me up. Leopard print boots or any statement boots can just add a little joy to a typical daily outfit of jumper and jeans.


What I Wore – Outfit 5

What I Wore 1
Statement Piece: Leather Biker Jacket

One of my favourite items I own is this leopard print dress, it’s a little too big for me now since I lost my weight, but I will not give it up. So I’m using it to create a layered look. The mild weather has meant that on days when I am not really walking outside I can get away with bare legs and a biker jacket.

What you don’t know is that I am still wearing tights. I have under this dress a very thick pair of opaque black tights that I cut the feet off, I suppose a little like leggings – that way ⅔ of my legs are covered and with trainer socks on too there was only really 6-8inches of bare flesh! No one needs to know what’s going on underneath an outfit…. but it’s better that then freezing!

Plus wearing my fab biker meant more people would naturally look at that, than be looking at my feet. Distract them!



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