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Having fine hair is not easy, but I’ve found fine hair styling to improve by not conditioning after shampooing. Read on to find out more.

For years and years I’ve always done the tradition process of shampooing and then conditioning; making sure that I select conditioners that are not too heavy or make it more fluffy than it is naturally.

Many trips to the hairdressers has also meant more hair conditioning treatments or applying thick hair masks to try and keep it in good condition – but whatever I did, always meant I had to have quite a chop to get it back to looking healthy!


The one huge advantage of life in lockdown has meant, less washing – in fact I now only wash my hair twice a week! Plus a lot less straightening with my heated straighteners, which has been a huge relief for my hair. However, I still found conditioning after shampooing was not great for my fine hair. Styling fine hair has always been a challenge, I’m green with envy with anyone who has natural thick flowing hair.

When the hairdressers had to close, I have to confess I did panic – a regular 5-6 week trim is part of my usual hair maintenance; leaving it any longer than that and my hair looks finer resulting in losing the length on the next cut.

During the first lockdown, I had made it a mission of mine to use up any beauty products I already own, I was not buying anything if I already had something of it’s kind, lurking in a drawer (we’ve all got these little hidden gems). It’s here I discovered Wonder Overnight Recovery Treatment by Percy & Reed and the love for it begun.

Initially I used it once a week; applied before bedtime, then the following morning I shampooed and left out my conditioner as duly instructed.

But now… I do it differently, and I am loving the results!


I’ve discovered that just as long as I put it on approximately an hour before I shampoo, I pretty much get the same result (well I can’t tell the difference).

By applying this product first, my fine hair is no longer fluffy and much less out of control after my blow dry – to the point I am now using less or hardly any hairspray. And believe me, when I used to be out of hairspray everyone would know about it at home! Now all that angst has gone.


The mask does not leave your hair wet, when you first apply the cream to the ends it is damp, just give it a minute and then it’s back to normal (but doing it’s thing!)

If it’s a home spa selfcare kind of evening the night before a hair wash, then I do still apply the night before – it’s like the last thing I do to end of my evening beauty rituals.

If it’s not, then I simply put it on the minute I get up, tie my hair using a hair bobble (and if it’s my turn to walk the dog) a woolly hat goes on, which I feel gives it warming benefits to the lotion anyway! I leave it for that first hour, then I just shampoo it out. I am so happy with the results I’m getting.


I know anyone with fine hair reading this, is going to say they have to wash their hair every day. I’ve always thought that, but actually you don’t have to shampoo it every day. Using dry shampoo or simply wetting hair in places it needs restyling, with a blast of  ‘dry’ blow drying you can really get a much better finish than on an actual wash day.

I’ve been using this new routine now for over three months and I have no plans to give it up….  Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery Treatment  is a ‘must have’ for fine hair styling. I highly recommend giving it a go, and there is no better time than whilst we are all still stuck at home.

Cost wise it’s not really extra, as you are not adding a product just swapping.


Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery Treatment – £20


Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery Treatment (150ml)
Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery Treatment (150ml)




In the main photo, I’m wearing the At Home monochrome collection by Ethereal London.






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