It’s in the bag!


I think over the last two weeks I have picked up, touch and felt along with pulling various faces at…. bags.

I’ve really been struggling lately to find anything I like, in fact I’m currently using an old black bucket bag from Zara (I say old… from about 18-24 months ago – that’s old right?) 

I love bags, and it doesn’t take much persuasion to get me to buy one, but just lately – I’ve not been so keen. I think a few reasons are; I don’t like the very structured kind, boxy and hard. And the browns are too brown, and the blacks well unless they are real leather they just look cheap. And then there seems to be so much pink? 

So my recent hunt has been on for a nude bag, and just like shoes it had to be the right shade of nude, now do you see?! Why do I set myself these challenges… I should just make it easy and find a bag and then buy a new pair of shoes – costly but would save me time.

The only nude bag I own, was bought for me by my late step-grandmother, and whilst I would love to do “I’m using this for sentimental reasons” it doesn’t go with the dress – and then I would be back at square one, finding a dress this time to match the bag!

Fear not, after searching and searching I found one, in River Island. I even asked if I could take it into the changing rooms to try it on with the dress (Top tip!  – take the whole outfit with you shopping, saves a lot of time in taking items home to find it’s not right). 
I loved it, not only for my Wimbledon dress (to be revealed next week – I’m so excited), but also it’s just perfect for this summer – personally I’m really keen on the bucket bag style, it just suits my lifestyle as I like to throw all my stuff in, I carry items for me, the dog and when my hubby is with me, somehow I always end up with his stuff too – you must have that, right?

I also love that it has the two types of straps; the handles and the cross-over, this really works for me, stylish when you need it to be and then practical when you need more than one pair of arms!


Dess: Jaeger (this season)
Bag: River Island (this season)
Shoes: New Look (this season)

River Island
Nude faux suede bucket bag
Also available in grey or black

I personally do not spend a lot of money on bags, simply because I tire quickly of them. I like to keep updating them to keep my look modern. So here are a selection that you can invest in that are all under £99, it’s nice to have a lighter coloured bag during the summer months, or even opt for bright bold colours to make them a statement piece.

House of Fraser
Armani Jeans Eco-saff Crossbody Bag
Was £100, now £70

Ted Baker
ALBETT – Pop handle small tote bag
Was £170, now £85 – only in the blue!
Available in three other colours at full price

Ohh love this one!
& Other Stories
Small Suede Fold-Over Bag
Available in black, nude and pink

This gorgeous one from Zara I might add to my collection – it’s AW/17 collection, so should be around for a while.

Convertible Bucket Bag

French Connection
Core Contrast Edge Bucket Bag
Was £80, now £40

And new in at Oasis, available in mid-Yellow or in black…

ISSY Cross Body Scarf Bag

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