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Yes, we’ve had at least two consecutive days of blue sky – how exciting!  Love the sunshine, love the longer days but there is a little price to pay now that we can play!

We can’t keep hiding behind our thick tights, jeans or PJ’s, we can’t avoid that in a few weeks time we may be lying on a beach or pool side with all our body on show….so it’s time to get ready for the summer sun!

A little maintenance every day, and within a few weeks you’ll be ready to hit that boardwalk!

Here’s my top tips:

  1. Pluck it, shave it or wax it – I don’t really need to say anymore than that!
  2. Exfoliate and I mean more than just your face.  Your skin has been hidden for the last few months, so unless you’ve been a beauty goddess and you’ve kept up with a morning and night routine throughout winter, you need to get exfoliating
  3. Oils and lotions – there are so many to choose from, work out what suits you and fits in easy to your busy schedule.  I quite like using baby oil in the shower as it leaves your skin feeling soft without being sticky.
  4. Pedicures – if your getting your feet out – you need to keep on top of this!  Start the season off with a professional one, and then maintain weekly yourself.  Treat yourself to another one just before you go on holiday!
  5. Getting fit!  I don’t know about you, but with all this extra rain and snow I’ve not been great at getting out & about as much….start to build in a weekly plan of walking, cycling, swimming, Zumba etc and you’ll get there by your hols.
  6. Portion control.  Yes I mean food.  Avoid snacking and start thinking of all those different healthy summer foods you spoil yourself with.

It won’t be here for long, so make every day count!

If your a new reader to my blog, or you liked some of the posts from last summer on how to get ready then these tips still count:
Summer time essentials
A little bit of sunshine! 

Got some great tips your wish to share, then leave a comment!

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  1. Kelly Lelly
    May 27, 2013 / 6:37 pm

    I really need to strictly diet! 🙁 BooKelly ||

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