Lizzi Richardson blog about black jumpsuits as investment pieces for a stylish wardobe.
Lizzi Richardson wearing her investment black jumpsuit from Ethereal London

A black jumpsuit will take you anywhere, trust me!

I have worn black jumpsuits traveling, at work, dinner parties and to entertain at home. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make to your stylish wardrobe.

Let me take you back to my very first investment black jumpsuit that I still own…. over ten years on.

I was in early thirties and walking through my local House of Fraser, I found myself heading into the Phase Eight concession straight up to this black jumpsuit I saw hanging. There was something about the shape; very classic style with a slight batwing cut on the arm and tapered legs that finished right on the foot. I just knew I was looking at jumpsuit that I would love for years.

Within minutes I was in the changing room trying it on, but completely failing! I could not zip it up myself from the back! Close to tears and fully frustrated with the situation I called one of the sales assistance to help guide me as I couldn’t see where I was going wrong.

Despite trying to convince me that every time I wanted to spend a penny that ‘someone’ would be around to help me, I stood my ground and said, if we couldn’t find a way of me doing this for myself (I had the image of Samantha in my head from Sex & The City when she couldn’t get out of a dress and she lived alone!) I was not going to purchase.

Dare I say after many attempts, and then when I finally could, I wanted to do it a minimum 10 times unaided! I purchased it. £125 lighter in finance and completely exhausted.

By the time I got home, the guilt of spending so much had seriously kicked in – would I actually wear it? I’ve never owned a jumpsuit – and I had bought this on a complete whim!

Let me tell you – I have worn this black jumpsuit to business conferences, stylish dinner parties, brunch dates with girlfriends, I have travelled many times wearing it on the plane. I’ve have also walked the dog, weekly supermarket shops and I dare say I’ve often napped in it too on a Sunday afternoon on the sofa. It’s been one of the best ever purchases I have made.

And I’ve worn it weekly, in lockdown 3, because it’s soooooo comfy and warm to work-from-home in!

My black jumpsuit – Stylishly


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My black jumpsuit – Off Duty


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I have since owned two more black jumpsuits over the last few years.

This next one was part of a collaboration with Chloe James Lifestyle, a boutique I often support in St Albans – this short-sleeve and culotte style has been absolutely fabulous for the office and at home too!


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Followed by this linen style summer black jumpsuit that I bought whilst holidaying in Portugal – Hubby was like, “Why are you buying a boring black jumpsuit on holiday?

I just knew I would wear it, and again and again and again. And I have!

I’ve worn this black jumpsuit to work


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On a theatre date with my mum


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Kimono Style in Autumn


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And on a lazy summer Sunday with my hat, reading in the garden & sipping a G&T!


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So after all this ‘research’ and ‘testing’ and without any guilt or hesitation – I have treated myself to a classic style, silk black jumpsuit from one of my favourite British brands Ethereal London, who take care to source responsibly-sourced fabrics – This for me will be a lifetime investment piece; and her name is Luciana.

If you have any concerns about the fit or style, then simply get in touch with Ethereal London directly – that’s what’s fabulous about our British independents; you can talk directly to them and get the information you need. I did, I asked quite a few questions before I pressed the ‘Add to bag’ button.


Luciana Black Jumpsuit by Ethereal London

Lizzi Richardson wearing Ethereal London black jumpsuit



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  1. catherine teresa Bruce
    February 26, 2021 / 4:00 pm

    You just look amazing in these jumpuits, Lizzie, a wonderful blog yet again. Could you recommend a jersey black or navy one please. I want something smart casual and easy care. I have quality navy LK Bennet one that totally does the business for more dressy occasions but that’s not my lifestyle now. Any ideas?

    • lovedbylizzi
      February 27, 2021 / 9:42 am

      HI Catherine,
      Thanks for enjoying the blog! My go to brands when I start looking the highstreet for jumpsuits will be Phase Eight, &Other Stories and M&S. If you want less structured jumpsuits, then consider brands like COS and Hush.

      All my jersey pattern jumpsuits have come from Wallis.

      I hope that helps Lizzi x

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