My style rules of 2023 blogpost by Lizzi Richardson

I’m sharing my own style rules for 2023 – My year to reflect the woman that I am today and making the most of wearing what I love.

I do love a new year.

For me it helps me to draw a line in time and embrace the new; and that’s exactly one of my wishes for 2023, raising my own style game.

Now as you know, changing (or elevating) your own style doesn’t happen overnight, I’ve already started the the reflection process – what do I love, what I don’t love…. and now, especially as it’s the new year, it’s time to set some new style rules for myself.

Which will start right now (well, why wait for the 1st January?!)

My style words for 2023

Contemporary  |  of the present time; modern.

Feminine  | having qualities traditionally ascribed to women

Cherished  |  to hold or treat as dear; feel love for

Why Contemporary? – I am a firm believer that keeping yourself modern is what keeps you looking younger than the years you have been alive.  Trust me, at nearly 48 years old, I have no desire or any intentions to look like someone in my early thirties.

Staying in touch with what is considered ‘of this time’ in style, I believe THIS alone is the best approach to staying modern and stylishly chic.

Why Feminine? –  Feminine style is not girlie, it’s a mature sense of sensitivity,  how the fabrics work with your body to flow and enhance your natural shape;  I don’t believe anyone is born with this style, it’s one that develops with age.

I developed my feminine style from around 28 years old, it’s one I am naturally drawn to and is definitely a style DNA for me. (Key point here is to know what YOU are naturally drawn to, and develop that over time for yourself).

Why Cherished? – I want to make my everyday personal to me. The more you can make your outfits personal, the happier I believe people are.

This is not just about wearing older items and mixing them with new contemporary pieces, it’s about making sure everything I wear I truly love and reflects the woman I am, today.

Lizzi Richardson My style rules of 2023 (Sarah Rider Photography)

My style rules for 2023

Elevating my style in heels… It’s been too long since I walked my daily walk in heels. 2023 for me will be less about the flat shoes that we all seem to have succumb to and think is ‘the norm’.

On reflection of 2022, the flat shoe took over my summer holidays, my girly dinner nights out and even the odd date night; by embracing my heels again, my own walk will be less stumpy, more flowy (feminine), so where I can, I will wear heels.

Those that tend to lean in to the practical I fear I may have lost you already (LOL) fear not, the (contemporary) shopping tote allows for both flats and heels and this is how I shall overcome the practical needs!

Embracing new brands… The benefits of being brand loyal is that the season collections are typically helpful with matching in, so that you can wear more of what you own already. However, (and I fear this may have happened to me a little) by sticking to a few brands you lose your own identity and you end up wearing head-to-toe [insert any brand in here].

This is not by any means walking away from what you love, but I will be actively seeking out new brands to try. I’ll be doing this simply by expanding my search on any garments I need to add into my wardrobe and not heading to my usual apps on my phone for a quick solution. Plus, whilst out shopping, walking in to shops I would typically walk on by.

Dress for my different ‘hats’… I didn’t quite know how to phrase this one. But I don’t ‘do‘ the same thing Monday to Friday and haven’t for four years – and yet I try and make one wardrobe work for all elements and I believe this is holding me back. The two worlds of Corporate life and Content Creator life simply do not blend. FACT.

2023 is the year of the wardrobe divide – there will be some (cherished) items I own that can quite gleefully jump between the two, but the two style uniforms are different and my daily outfits need to reflect this. It is my work in progress for 2023… (I’m sure there will be more blogging on this  – so stay tuned).

Make it personal to me… It’s super fun to see all the outfit inspos on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Magazines, the mannequins in the shop windows, the people we see in the street as we sip our coffee – however it can all be a little overwhelming and you can end up in a right style muddle if you take a little from here and something from there.

Stop. Be conscious of your choices. Ask yourself… “Does it reflect the person you wish to be today? or do you just love it on them?” – the two are very different.




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