I’m loving this summer…Havaianas Special Collection

Review and republished April 2017

This Special Collection I mention below is no longer available, but hey Havianas are so cool they are always updating their range.  Click here for their latest online store.

When it comes to flip-flops there really is only one brand to go for, Havaianas.  They come in a huge range of colours and can be very simple for the day or perfect for evening.  The rubber, both the sole and the strap, are so soft and comfortable that from the first day you wear them, you feel like they have always been yours.

Why not take a look at their Havaianas Special Collection – this special collection is a mix of luxury and simplicity – just what every girl needs!

Mine are from the Havaianas Slim Hardware – slim sandal with metallic charms along the strap, in gold. Recently purchased in Corsica, but you can get them from any great surf shop or online.

I’m also loving….

Havaianas Slim Crystal Dragonfly – slim sandal with a central metal and crystal charm on the strap

And Havaianas Slim Geometric – slim sandal stamped with a central metal and resin charm on the straps.

All images are from Havaianas website, simply click here to view

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