I’m loving: The Ponte Jacket by Oasis Womenswear

You know the theory; if you find something you love, buy more of them and buy them in every colour!

Well, I’m currently loving the new Ponte Jacket by Oasis!  I started with the cream jacket and by the first day my thoughts were “I need this in every colour possible!” and luckily they do have it in a variety of colours.

I opted for the Black, which in the Oasis stores you have a choice of either a grey lining or a blush pink, I opted for the latter.   I’ve noticed there seems to be less choice online, as I have seen a navy version too in store which is not showing online.

What’s even better, is the price!  £40.

It’s simple, versatile and great for work or leisure – to be worn over a shift dress, or with black trouser or with jeans….perfect!


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