I’m loving: label.m – Sea Salt Spray

In my quest to not use straighteners every day of the week, I knew I needed to try to find alternative hair products to make a difference.

Accepting that I now couldn’t have dead straight hair all the time, due to the affects it was having on my hair, especially the ends, I needed to do something that would make the more natural me still look stylish! One of the biggest challenges I face is that I have fine hair, and whilst some volume products would start off well, by lunchtime you just wouldn’t know!

Now back in September, I attended London Fashion Weekend; and in the gift bag there was a sample by label.m containing Sea Salt Spray.  This product is to give texturised volume for loose, natural, tousled waves. 

Now the directions suggest that you can use it on dry or damp hair; I’ve only tried the latter but the effects have been brilliant.  My hair feels so much thicker and for those who have fine hair will understand when I say, I finally feel like I have a ponytail!

It’s taken several attempts to find the right balance of sprays;  not enough and the thickness is not there, too much and my hair feels very stiff but once I got it right my hair looked and felt great ALL day.

I have mid-long length hair, so have no idea how this would be on shorter hair, but if your looking for volume and texture I would definitely give this a go!

I’ve not found any stockists on the high street but their website gives more details of where to buy – simply click here.

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  1. KylieR
    February 16, 2013 / 4:57 pm

    I'm always looking for a volumising spray, I so know what you mean by having a pony tail, my hair is so fine! May have to give this a try!! x

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