JOHN FRIEDA PROFILLER+ Strengthening Super Fluid

I’ve been trying out the new John Frieda PROFILLER+ Strengthening Super Fluid and I am loving it for my fine and frizzy hair!

Last month I was invited to try out a brand new product, designed specifically to give thickness & smoothness to  fine hair –  that can be used on wet or dry hair; and it’s been a game changer for me.

The newly launched John Frieda PROFILLER+ Strengthening Super Fluid is the latest to land in their PROFILLER+ thickening range that launched last year.

I’ve been a fan of their PROFILLER+ conditioner and PROFILLER+ thickening spray for months now, and the last time I bought two bottles as I couldn’t’ bear to be without it (I’ve struggled at times to get in store, as it’s been that popular).  To be honest, I have a feeling this new super fluid is going to do just that too!


What’s special?‘ I hear you ask…. well the game-changer element for me, is being able to use a thickening lotion on dry hair; until now every thickening product I have loved, it has to be applied onto wet hair to work – not always practical or helpful.


The first time I tested it on dry hair, it had to impress me.

I had less than 10 minutes to head out the front door with unwashed hair – within minutes the John Frieda PROFILLER+ Strengthening Super Fluid, not only calmed my frizz, but with a little help from a ‘dry’ blow dry using my Supersonic Dyson,  thickness and smoothness was restored, without any oiliness to be concerned about.

It’s a 10/10 from me

I could write more and more about this fabulous product, but the best way to know for yourself is to try it, I never thought I would get the results I’m getting on dry hair.

Thickness the John Frieda team describe as 200% more thickness; all I know is I have fuller hair at the ends of my long fine hair that I don’t without this product.

I went back to using an older (more expensive) product that I have loved for years, to see if I got the same results, and I didn’t.

Affordable haircare at £9.99 per bottle, and I will be replenishing shortly as it’s now an essential in my hair care routine.

It’s now available in store, it’s online at Boots.



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