Loved By Lizzi 500 Blogposts
Lizzi Richardson celebrating 500 blogpost being live!

It’s a milestone that at the start of my blogging life I perhaps didn’t realise would come – you see when you first start out doing something new, just doing it is hard enough work;  learning, exploring what’s possible, getting things right and getting things very wrong! (a few of them have been deleted!! LOL) – but you have to get things wrong to know what people love to see from you.

Loved by Lizzi started out just as a blog to let my friends and family know where I bought things from – since those very early days I have qualified as a stylist because I wanted to give much better advice than what I naturally knew. I have also met so many wonderful people through my blogging career and proud that some have chosen to collaborate with me over the years.

But whether you have been with me from the start and have read pretty much all 500+ blogposts or maybe you discovered this blog at a time when you needed an online friend to help you on your style journey and you’ve been inspired to come back for more – I just want to say…. Thank you!

One of the things I love about this new blog design is that you can see for yourself in the archives page all the blogposts for yourself, some of the old posts are still as relevant today as they were when I first posted them, like TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY? one of my very first. And as for the trend posts well maybe in another 500 posts they will be back in fashion!

So thank you and I do hope you’ll be sticking around for the next 500 blogposts.


Lizzi x




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