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How to wear this season’s hip bag

Hip bags or belt bags have really been a hit in the last year, and I have been trying them out. They have seriously moved on from the ugly sporty ‘fanny pack’ as the Americans like to refer to them and I think we call them ‘bum bags’??! Well I dare you to have a go and you’ll be super surprised at just how fab they are!

I have found hip bags to be useful in a number of ways, as I often only need a few items when I am popping out; keys, card wallet and my iPhone – and it can be a task taking a bag just for those few items, especially during the day.

When I shop I now like to have a fairly large tote, avoiding the need to pay for plastic bags in retail – but I am not keen on my items swishing around at the bottom of a large bag – you know… that lady that’s finally made it to the front of the queue to pay and THEN decides it’s time to find the purse (LOL) I’m pleased to say, I do try to avoid being THAT lady! I like to think of myself as a more experienced shopper 🙂

When I travel on the tube or bus, I like quick and easy access to my purse and my iPhone – especially as these days, people seem to have far less patience waiting when you need to quickly swipe to gain access through.

And I know we are not all heading to the airport at the moment… but we will. I think hip bags are going to make the perfect travelling companion for your passport, card wallet and your phone – because that’s all I seem to need as quick access around the airport (along with my travel bag) – useful I’m sure it’s going to be.


I did wonder would find it a little faddy and not really use it, and yet I have used Poppy hip bag quite a bit since I got her and here are the four ways I have:

1. Across the body – I think out of all of the ways I have worn Poppy so far, this has been my favourite, sitting across the top half of my body. I can gain easy access at the front to grab my items or if I feel she is a little in the way as I walk, then I just move the pouch to sit on my back.

Black dress with a hip bag going across
Across the body

2. On the shoulder – When I’m dashing out to the local store or popping in and out of my car, then I just use Poppy like a normal little bag and pop her on my shoulder.

3. Without the belt – Coming back to the point I made about using a large tote bag when I am shopping, if I don’t need many personal items, I’ve simply removed the belt and popped her into the tote – a little like a purse, but that way when I need to quickly pay, she’s much more easily at hand.

4. As a hip bag – Well let’s be honest that’s what she been designed for and I love wearing her across my waistline – most preferred with a dress. INYATI have thought of everything when they designed her  – it doesn’t matter what size your waistline is, the entire belt has holes all the way around it, so depending on where you want it to sit you take that next available hole.

She is also a fab belt and unlike most waist belts there is no section ‘sticking out’, the end piece tucks nicely in behind the bag, so it’s very streamline.

Wearing Poppy this way as a hip bag, gives you lots of versatility when you are out and about – it can sit nicely at the front, looking super stylish – or if you don’t want to look too overloaded (say you have a second bag) I found you can swing to sit behind and my jacket covered her, and then from the front she simply looks like a stylish belt. This is another bonus, as she helps to define my waist line and makes the dress look more fitted.

Wearing on the hip


My love of INYATI bags continue and I am delighted that INYATI have collaborated with me to bring you this style post. INYATI was given to me to try out this latest trend and they have a variety of hip bags in their SS20 collection.

You can go two ways I believe with hip bags – go with a classic like I have in snake black, because I wear colourful floral or leopard print dresses – this way she will work with many items I own.

Or if you tend to wear a lot of neutrals, then I suggest opting for one of the  colourful hip bags to add a pop of colour to your look.


Poppy – Black Snake – €39.95

Poppy Black Snake

Other Hip bags in the SS20 INYATI range

IDA – Dusty Rose – €34.95


IDA – Dusty Rose


Sandy – Powder Blue – €39.95

Sandy – Powder Blue

MILA – Khaki Croco – €44.95


MILA – Khaki Croco




INYATI brand is a premium faux leather handbag brand.

This has been a collaborative post with INYATI, Poppy was gifted as part of the product review. If I didn’t like Poppy she would not be on Loved By Lizzi. I will not earn any commission through purchases on their website.




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