How to wear a maxi skirt for a stylish look
How to wear a maxi skirt for a stylish look

How to wear a maxi skirt for a stylish look – The maxi skirt is a big trend this summer season & they can be so versatile too. Read on for my styling tips!


I am really pleased that the maxi length is back on trend; it’s a stylish skirt that pretty much every lady can wear; you just need to get the right length, style and fit for you.

Take your time deciding on some key points and then go in search for it – don’t opt for one just because the price is cheap. Maxi skirts are a real statement piece that you will pretty much wear with neutral pieces, so it really needs to match in with your style personality and image.

Tip 1 – Find Your Tribe

What I mean by this is, which camp are you placing your feet firmly in? Tropical print, Floral, Polka dots, Gingham plus there’s many more – I’ve gone with Animal print, specifically Leopard Print.

Select the print you are going to go for and this will determine all the other items you’ll add, think about what statement you want to make.  For me, I feel my most confident in leopard print and it’s a pattern that I know I can take from day-to-night which gives me a lot of versatility.

Tip 2 – How much versatility do you want?

Only you can decide this. Are you looking for a pattern that you can take from a casual day to evening chic? Will you need to head out on date night night straight from the office? How will you feel about the print you’ve opted for if you suddenly have to swing by the supermarket and you are now standing in the not so stylish fridge section selecting your evening dinner to cook?

Some patterns can work and some like Tropical print which is a fab day time look can look a little less stylish for that evening rock chic vibe you might want to be creating.

It’s not just the pattern too; colours play a really big part – what colours do you like wearing of an evening? Colours like brown, pastels and greys for example don’t often work for an evening look.

Tip 3 – Try to avoid a plain maxi skirt

Remember this is a statement piece that has a lot of coverage on your body – plain can quite honestly be… frumpy. If plain is more your own personal style then I would recommend forgetting the maxi skirt, and let me steer you to the slip skirt – this is very chic when it’s at its most plainest!



Tip 4 – High Waisted is the way to go

To avoid any ‘frumpiness’ you want to make sure it sits well on your waist; even if you don’t feel you have much of a waistline.

If you are a pear shape or hour-glass (like me)  then you want to wear your tops tucked in. The best solution for this, is a bodysuit so that it is skimming your body and really making a great foundation for the maxi skirt to sit as streamline as it can on your waist and hips.

If your waistline is less defined, I would opt for a shirt or a t-shirt where you tie a knot to create a waist for you. If it’s a shirt then the knot is likely to sit at the front, so keep the knot as small as you can; if it’s a t-shirt you have the flexibility to tie it to the side, I would suggest this to enable some ruching of the fabric to cover the tummy a little.

Whatever you do, try and avoid using a belt – this statement skirt is powerful enough on it’s own.

And regardless of height, weight and body shape you want to be wearing the smallest size you can fit into, to keep you as streamline as possible.

Tip 5 – It’s all about the shoes!

Let’s be truly honest here, the maxi skirt is a saving grace is you’ve not had the chance to shave your legs, get a spray tan or anything else you may wish to hide your legs from public view – for me this is usually to hide all my insect bites on holiday!

What a maxi skirt will do (whether you like it or not) is draws attention to your feet. People will look at your feet as you glide (or stride!) and it’s that you need to accessorise and be at your most ‘on point’ when it comes to styling.

So if your tootsies are on show, then be sure to have that pedicure! Day looks opt for interesting sandals with metallic details or studs. For evening this could be platform wedges or this season’s quilted high-heeled mules.

Tip 6 – If you need a jacket try draping rather than wearing

My final tip and one I remembered as I was styling this outfit – jackets are not that easy to wear with the maxi length skirt (they are not that easy either with maxi length dresses!)

Try all the jackets you own on with the maxi skirt of your choice, once you know what works instead of wearing it, try draping it – I find this usually makes for a much more put-together look.



Selfridges – Leopard-print high-waist pleated crepe maxi skirt – Was £140, Was £75 (which was the price I paid!) – BUT NOW  IT’s £50!

You need to size down at least one size, GANNI comes up big – if you love it and your size down is not there…. go one smaller – I think I could have. You want a slim fit (it’s not about comfort!)



ASOS DESIGN Luxe chiffon full maxi skirt in floral print  £50



Y.A.S chiffon maxi skirt in pink floral – £60


Phase Eight – Audrina Print Maxi Skirt – Was £99, Now £49


&Other Stories – Flounced Maxi Skirt – £65


Phase Eight – Gingham Frill Skirt – £79




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