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Since having a fringe I wear hats a lot less, but now I’ve found a great technique to wear a hat with a fringe.

It’s a strange thing to confess, but I have a face for hats.

Prior to having my fringe cut in 5 years ago now, I wore hats a fair bit – summer and winter. Once I got my fringe, I found it really hard to wear most types of hats, especially this year’s trend of the baseball cap.

With holidaying in Puglia, Italy, last month, I knew I was going to ‘have to’ wear a hat, especially with hot days of 37-38℃ with a feel-like factor of 43℃ predicted, I simply had no choice but to embrace the hat!

I didn’t buy a new one, as I have 3 to 4 straw hats and a few baseball caps already – I took two straw hats with me that can easily fold and can go straight into the suitcase and they were worth taking; I used a hat every single day of the trip, in fact I reached for the sun hat more often than my sunglasses, the heat was intense.

I’ve intentionally included this photo above; this was Day One of my holiday. I had yet to discover the need to take my #ootd immediately leaving the hotel in the morning before that ‘glow’ appeared.

This photo was taken after I had been in the ‘city’ heat for a couple of hours, walked up the countless steps of the Matera Sassi and about halfway up I thought this would make a great background. The hat had been worn the entire time, admittedly I did give the fringe a quick brush before the photo, but you can see it has kept its shape.

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How to wear a hat with a fringe

If you have a fringe you will have already tried the grips to hold the fringe back, which only results in – you can’t take your hat off all day!

Maybe you’ve tried a tiny hair clip claw, in the hope that when you take your hat off, it will look intentional that your fringe is meant to be ‘off-you-face’ – but it never looks quite as good, does it, as you imagine it in your head!

I’ve done both of these, plus I think I also tried the ‘let’s go for a wet look’ beach vibe, which trust me is worse than both of these!

This, plus trying to incorporate a head scarf, thinking this will make it more glam…. simply doesn’t work, if you have a fringe!

It’s so easy, you’ll love it!

In my hour of need, I googled it, then read/watched countless articles and videos and settled on this recommended technique.

I have tested this method seven days in a row and love it. In fact, some evenings I didn’t need to wash my hair after wearing my hat, just blasted it with dry-shampoo after my shower and off I went out with my fringe looking all fresh & dandy… now do you believe me?!

To place the hat onto the fringe…

  1. Before placing the hat on your head (at any point during the day), simply part your fringe directly down the middle (not either of sides) but the middle – regardless of your own hair-parting.
  2. Sweep the fringe aside as far as you can without forcing it
  3. Place the hat firmly on and leave it

Go about your business

To remove the hat from your fringe…

  1. If you can, opt to pop to the ladies before removal, however it really isn’t necessary if you have a little mirror in your bag
  2. 80% of the time I got away with a really good brush of the fringe
  3. If it looked a tad flat, then with the smallest amount of water, I slightly ruffled my fingers through my fringe to get it back to it’s normal bounce
  4. If I happened to have returned to my hotel, then before brushing it, I would blast some dry shampoo in it first and voila!


Fringe after wearing a hat in the sun
Lizzi Richardson, Matera, Italy 2022

This is me, all dressed up for dinner out, after a day of wearing a hat – I didn’t need to wash my hair, just a blast of dry shampoo, and possible a little use of a hair-dryer and a roller brush, I never wet my fringe and re-dry, I find it goes greasy. Dry shampoo all the way!


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