How to wear a bold print

It’s not easy wearing bold prints, but don’t let that put you off!

Here are my tips on how to wear a bold print.

One way of adding colour into your wardrobe is to consider prints; it can give a more romantic vibe to an outfit than colour-blocking or a tonal look.

We all know I love a floral dress, but sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

When the Elizza dress arrived from Phase Eight, I was like wow that’s a bold pattern, can I actually wear this? Before judging and getting in a tis, the best thing you can do is get the print on you before you make any decisions on it.

What a print looks like off, compared to what it looks like on, are two very different things; and styling for me is all about how it makes me feel. If it gives me the energy to get on with my day, then it a firm YES!

Elizza dress by Phase Eight worn by Lizzi Richardson

The Elizza Dress by Phase Eight worn by Lizzi Richardson

Make your accessories just as interesting

Not as bold, but just as interesting. I find a clutch bag for a day look is always uber chic and is ‘not expected’ so if someone is checking your outfit out, then give them more than just the print to comment on – they will then talk about the entire outfit and not the print itself.

This will make you buzz with excitement and not blush with that doubt of confidence.

Don’t say…

‘this is not my normal style’ – British woman have this natural habit to spill the beans on everything the moment they get a compliment.

The Italians and the French will simply reply with a chic ‘thank you‘, however the British need to inform you of where they bought it, how old it is and how much it costs – just as a minimum.

And then, if we are not comfortable with what we are wearing, we also like to inform people that it might be the first time we are wearing it, or that it’s not what I would normally wear, and so on!

Just say, thank you!

Make your day look, what is typically you

The more you wear a bold print in the style of what you would typically wear, the easier it is to carry off.

This trench coat with a tote bag is very much a typical day time look for me – one I often wear to the office.

All that is different is the dress, nothing else.

A bold print with a trench coat worn by Lizzi Richardson

Don’t forget the details – if it’s viable to turn the dress cuffs over the trench coat to introduce more of the print to the outer look, give this a go.

Wear the coat open, so as you walk, people get flashes of the print – it will make the entire outfit more interesting and give those looking a sneaky peak at the whole dress.

Attention to detail with the cuffs

The Elizza Dress by Phase Eight worn by Lizzi Richardson

Restyle an old look to incorporate your new print

Sometimes you love a recipe and you just want to change one ingredient to make it a little different. Or the formula works so well, why change what isn’t broken.

I knew that my leather shacket that I wore last Autumn season with my lilac leopard print dress, would be just right for this print too.

And what I love about it more, it makes me wear clothes I already own!

Leather shacket with the Elizza Dress by Phase Eight as worn by Lizzi Richardson

This season is about the bare leg

If you can, go bare leg – some prints work with tights and some don’t. If it’s too cold for ankles boots then opt for long boots but try and avoid any tights…. it could ruin the look.

cream boots with a bold print



At time of publishing it was on sale.


All photos of Lizzi were taken by Sarah Rider Photography.

Dress was provided by Phase Eight as part of a collaboration for AW21






  1. November 7, 2021 / 10:00 am

    This was a really good read Lizzi. Love the idea with the cuffs, I do that with shirts but must try with dresses. I really love this print.

    • lovedbylizzi
      November 12, 2021 / 2:18 pm

      Aww thank you Celine, yes little details can always enhance x

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