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I’ve had my Dyson Supersonic two years now and I’ve just added the flyaway attachment to my kit, here’s how I am using it for fine hair.

It’s just over two years ago that I wrote a wellbeing blogpost about 10 guilt free ways of making myself happy every week; I wrote about how much I loved treating myself to a blow dry, it kind of set me up for the weekend and having coffee and time to myself was a great little ‘pick me up’ that I used to need.

Used to… yes exactly, past tense.

With a combination of Covid and my generous hubby treating me to the Dyson Supersonic for Christmas 2019, the two have pretty much made me stop getting blow drys, only now for that very special occasion.

But, now I have the flyaway attachment… even that treat I might just pass on, especially if I don’t have the time.

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Fine frizzy hair has always been an issue for me, I don’t even have to be near rain, just a mere sniff of it in the air and that’s my hair all frizzy!

I’ve tried all sorts of hair products and the only thing that would make it shine and last, was  a good straightened blow dry from a good hairdresser (they can be hard to come by too! Not every hairdresser is actually good at blow drying so when you find one, hug them tight they are worth their weight in gold!) My Hannah, her blow dry can last me up to four days (Thank you :))


Once your hair is about 80% dry, and you have used the precision nozzle & a brush to get the last 20% dry and as straight as you can without pulling your hair too hard – you are ready to use the Dyson flyaway attachment.

Section off your crown and then once the attachment is in place, reduce the heat to one red light, I have tried to do this on the cool setting but it doesn’t work as well, you definitely need some heat. Reduce the power too, down to one white light as well.

If your hair is not fine, you will need more heat and power, however I can’t advise further than that I’m afraid!

Over the last month I have played around, tried various ways; I recommend that your hair is fully dry before starting, use the attachment on the under section first to get that flatter finish, before you touch the top (or crown) section.

Start on the one side at the front, then the other front side and then do the back section in three stages; down the middle and then either side.

Give your hair a good comb afterwards all the way round, as the flyaway does make your hair come forward.

HOW TO do a fringe

When I first got it, I left the fringe out, as I thought it would be way too flat.

Then I found I was trying to do it lightly – neither of these options gave me a salon finish.

Then one night in a rush I did the fringe with as much effort as the rest and several times over – I was really pleased with the results and have not look back since!


I only use my straighteners now to finish off the final inch, so that it’s 100% straight –  I don’t like my bob going under, it’s just a personal preference.

I don’t know how, but using the Dyson Flyaway attachment leaves my hair really shiny – I am not using any new hair products, just the same old, same old and yet it gives a shine I have not had before, which makes me love it more!


Watch my YouTube demo to see how I use it

How to use the Dyson Flyaway Attachment
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