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Lizzi Richardson

Styling is fun & whilst colour can be a good start, clashing your prints can super elevate your style game without having to really do much!

Once you get the knack of clashing two (sometimes three) prints and you get the compliments, it will build your confidence to do it more. However, I realise the ‘getting started’ can feel a little daunting.

So I am intentionally keeping this post simple, as clashing your prints is simple, if you think about a two really important elements.

Now there is a third tip I will share that will make this even more easier than you ever thought and will cheekily get you the compliments without any effort at all, so read on to find out how!


Let’s leaving colour clash x print clash to the intermediates, you are a beginner at this, so just pick one colour and ideally not a neutral like black, navy, grey or beige – you want edge and you want clash, so try going a little bolder.

What is your favourite colour to wear? And start there!

I personally love to wear pinks and lilacs, especially in Spring, so hence the pattern clash you see in this post is a mix of those two colours in both the prints I have chosen

how to make print clash work
Clashing your prints!


Okay, so this next step is the most important. Pick two types of print that you truly love, like you really love them and everything about them – that way when you clash them you should love it instantly.

For example, I don’t love gingham and quite honestly it looks horrendous on me, so I would never-ever pick that print to clash.

If you are not sure what kind of prints you love, then take to your wardrobe look at all the different dresses and blouses you own and pick out which prints you love most.

Put your favourites on the bed and layer them up – what do you think works?

Personally for me I love ditsy floral dresses and I love leopard print. It’s important to understand what you love specifically about the two prints you choose for yourself.

Now did you notice what I put? I wrote, ditsy floral – which means I like lots of small flowers in my print, not super large floral where sometimes you only get three or four flower heads across the garment.

I also put, leopard print, yep there are lots of different animal prints out there and I must admit I also love zebra and tiger print too, but my heart always leans more to leopard print – every time!

So you know your colours and now you know your prints – if you already have a skirt or trousers that you can clash with a top – Fabulous,  you are good to go!

If you don’t, then that’s what you now need to go on the search for. May I suggest you take the garment you own with you as you shop for it’s clashing partner, it will make it a lot easier in the changing room then trying to judge it without.

Whatever you pick, make sure you have fun with it – you have got to love what you put together!


how to make print clash work for you
Always have fun with your styling!


I’ve got your back! Pinterest is the place for inspiration and I have a HOW TO START CLASHING YOUR PRINTS board ready and waiting for you. There is already 50+ outfits to take a look at and I will add more over the coming weeks.


I promised you a really easy option… well here it is: buy a dress or a jumpsuit that has already been print clashed!

Yes clashing your prints can be that easy and it takes all the hard work out it. That’s exactly what I did… but… and here it comes; you still have to love the colours and you still have to love the prints, or you will not wear it and then that’s pointless!

Love what you wear, and you will wear it over and over again.

And as you head off to your day ahead, leave the others thinking just how fabulous you made clashing your prints work for you! 😉

clashing your prints
Add more edge with chunky boots, and tone in your bag – make the print clash the statement piece!


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