Tip on selling your clothes
Tip on selling your clothes (Image by boutiquegirlish21 via Pixabay – edited by Lizzi)

Any event that enables women to come a long, have fun, ‘shop til you drop’ with girlfriends, plus have a sustainable edge – is my kind of event!

I sold at a preloved event about 18 months ago and not only made over £200 (after costs) but I also had such a fun stylishly night out!

I’m heading back to do it all over again, so I thought I would share my learnings – there are a few things I will definitely be more experienced on this time around… in the hope to sell more on the night.

Read on for all my tips for selling your clothes.


You do need to plan and it’s a little more than just what are you going to sell, there is equipment, cash float, and transportation for starters.

When it comes to your clothes, accessories and shoes – have a think about what is realistic to sell at an event like this. You will have a ‘pitch’ which is likely to be room for one clothes rail and potentially a small table. I personally chose to take my dummy body and not have a table at all.

Usually you can take one person to help you, but you definitely cannot take your entire family or girls squad!

Before the big event, find out what time you can arrive to set-up; don’t underestimate this time. You can’t rock up 10 mins beforehand, because trust me there are likely to be 20 to 30 other pitch holders all wanting to get their gear in too, and they will not appreciate you being in their way or unorganised.

Be kind, if you get your own prep done early, ask those near you if you can help them – you are all in it together on the night!

Tell people you are selling, help the event organiser by advertising the event. The more people that skip through the doors the better it will be for them & for you! No footfall will result in no selling.

Be sure to wear comfy footwear, and be stylish on the night (well let’s be honest I would as you know). Think about it from the customer’s perspective, if you look unkempt, they may think you haven’t looked after the items you are selling. What you wear, how you present yourself will be a big factor if they wish to buy from you!

Lizzi - November 2022 at Lizzie Hughes Preloved Event
Lizzi – November 2022 at Lizzie Hughes Preloved Event

A little side note here… the River Island top you see here will be on my rail on the 20th May at Henley’s Town Hall. (just saying 😉 )


  1. You will need to bring your own gear – unless the organiser has pre-stated they will provide. Think (dismountable) clothes rail, clothes hangers, plus I know it was suggested to us to bring a mirror – but I can’t remember if we did or not – but worth taking if you have room in your vehicle.
  2. Talking of vehicles, if you don’t drive you really need to think about how you get everything there and the equipment home again.
  3. Where you park your vehicle and where you unload could be two completely different instructions – be sure to check in advance.
  4. Arrive and be ready for your set up time, I thought I was prompt but I felt ‘behind’ compared to others right from the get-go!
  5. Be all set up and fully ready for the start time; guests always arrive early and if it’s raining or cold the event organiser will want to open the doors promptly – don’t be the one that keeps people waiting!
  6. Your pitch will be allocated to you, make the most of what space they have given you. Avoid being a diva with wanting to swap, I’m sure everyone else wants to be in a different spot – just make the best of it! People by from people, so all you really need, is a warm smiley face.
  7. Make sure you have cash on you as a float! If you look at the photo above I have two crossbody bags, my own personal bag and one for the cash. Some customers wanted to pay by Paypal, but that’s down to you if you want to do that and if there is adequate phone signal to do it.
  8. 100% you must do this – make sure everything is clean. And be clear if there are any faults and that the price reflects this.
  9. Talking of pricing – I priced all of mine up in advance which was so much easier – although I will confess (as helped by my dear friend Lizzie Parsons – who had done this event before) I lowered a few of mine before the doors opened. You’ve got to remember you are not selling new clothes (even if they are!) I found people didn’t barter like they do on eBay, so just price it for what you really would accept it for and avoid increasing in anticipation of a haggle, I didn’t get any haggling.
  10. I did however offer extra discount if people were looking at more than one item. So for example if someone had three items and it came to £45, I offered £35 for all three and I found they took them all. You see, you don’t want to be taking it all home again, what will you then do, eBay? Vinted? More effort on clothes you don’t want – it’s not worth it!

My last tip – have a good vibe about you, enjoy it, be chatty and just go with the flow…. you really can’t plan it all!


The event I am selling at, organised by the fabulous Lizzie Hughes (@thelizziehughes); all pitches have now sold! (which is fab news for us because this means it will be a fabulous event with lots to offer customers).

You can still buy tickets to come a long

There’s a £5 admission fee.

Grab a girlfriend or two, get all dressed up and come along – it will give you a great chance to catch up & I am sure there will be a wine bar (or two) you can visit afterwards to keep the night going!



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