How to elevate your off duty style
WFH OUTFIT: In this outfit I have snakeskin ankle boots for interest; a cable knit jumper for texture and faux leather trousers to make a change from denim jeans

Being at home can make your style game feel like it is in a rut – Read on to understand my style tips to help elevate your off duty look.


It’s difficult at the moment with being at home so much, and for that to continue for the foreseeable future, you may be struggling with the familiar ‘get up, show up‘ tactic that every super-positive person blurts out at you! Don’t worry, I want to give them the v-sign too!

Here are a couple of things you can do that will perhaps give your everyday ‘off-duty’ a little kick and hopefully it may make you feel better too (well that’s my aim).

Add a little animal print to your look

Whether that’s with your boots, a belt or even a shirt – it’s amazing how a print like leopard or zebra can make you feel a little more stylish. Perhaps even treat yourself to a new daily coffee mug that may have a wild side to it too!

Add some texture to your look

If everything you are wearing is fairly plain, you’ll be surprised just how you can get that cosy feeling by upping the texture to your look – cable knit jumpers or merino to cashmere-blend style jumpers and cardi’s can feel like they are giving you a hug (that we are all not currently getting!).

Another way to add texture is to consider ‘mock croc’ whether this is boots, belts or your handbag. This is perfect if your preference is to wear a block colour (perhaps if you are not keen on animal print) but the embossing texture of the croc will add interest to your outfit.

Add a blazer to your look

If you do need to pop out and you are in jeans, jumper & ankle boot combo – you can quickly elevate your look with a blazer. It also gives you an excuse to wear one as we are not heading to an office anytime soon.

Blazer with jeans is such a sophisticated look and no effort is required. I realise if you are out walking this is not sensible – but if all you are doing is driving around in a car and ‘popping’ then this is ideal; if you are still a tad cold add a lovely scarf and perhaps some leather gloves.

Add a decent belt buckle

If you are showing off your waistline to your jeans, either through a quarter, half or full tuck – give some thought to your belt buckle – make it a statement feature to your look.

If you have no belt, then in my view that’s a no tuck!

Add some faux fur

When I bought my faux fur jacket many moons ago, it was quite expensive, nowadays the faux fur coats and gilets are so much more affordable.

Again this adds instant glam to your look and if you, like me, gets cold at home – then the gilet is perfect whilst working-from-home and your Zoom buddies are going to be well jeal! These days you can get some gorgeous colours, pinks, purples, blues and greens – so no need to stay neutral!

Add a stylish hat

I am not talking a bobble hat, I’m talking a stylish wool-blend trilby hat, ideally with a nice contrasting band that goes with the majority of your coats.

When you see a woman wearing a winter hat; she oozes confidence, she looks stylish, she looks like she has a place to be… deep down all this woman is trying to do, is either keep her hair from frizzing or covering up a bad hair day (trust me!).




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