How to create a vision board for your style goals for 2023 to help manifest your goals, achievements and plan for the future.

So far this year, I’ve shared my style rules as well as some fabulous stylish influencers who kindly took the time to share their style rules for 2023. If you have felt inspired by the last two blog posts, then I believe you are ready for your next step.

Take your three style words and let’s elevate your vision to the next level; a vision board is a great place to start to help you create the outfits you have in mind.  These vision boards may not necessarily suit your own body shape or your natural colourings, but what it will start to do, is change your mindset, make you consider your style choices and even help you manage your existing wardrobe, by checking to see if what you would love to wear you actually own.

In this digital age, you can create a vision board for every style word or inspiration you can imagine, they are so easy to do. I would like you to pick one or possible two of your style words and consider the associated style image you believe fits those words and create a vision board.

A vision board that you are happy to print off and stick on the back of your wardrobe door, this is because as much as a ‘phone in your hand’ is easy, nothing beats a hard copy that you look at whilst in the room you are getting dressed. If  you love your vision board so much, there’s nothing stopping you from framing it and hanging it up in your dressing area.

The more you create visionary aids of the person you wish to be styled as, the easier you will find the transformation – don’t forget elevating your style is a journey… and enjoy every step of it!


I use two tools, CANVA and Pinterest – you can do this on your phone however I like to do it on my laptop.

Pinterest is one of the best and easy ways to store outfit inspirational ideas, by saving them onto a board. It’s a fabulous tool for that instant inspiration on how to style a particular item or get on board with a style theme, like print clash or tonal dressing.

For the benefit of this blogpost I have create two vision boards for you – they are totally made up just to showcase what I am explaining.

Let’s start with the word DOPAMINE – In the style world this typically lends itself to the use of colour, because colour dressing is associated with wearing clothes you love to boost your mood. If wearing more colour in 2023 is your style rule then a visualisation of this could look like this…

Dopamine styling created using Pinterest – See Pinterest Board 

Head to Pinterest, search ‘dopamine outfits‘ or ‘colourful outfits‘, but before you pin them to your board, click on the three dots  ‘⋅⋅⋅’ and select ‘download image’ this will save it to your device. Once you have done that, I highly recommend to save the pin to a Pinterest board using the words you are searched for and pin it – If you don’t, it’s not always easy to find that image again, trust me! I go back to old Pinterest boards all the time and if you love the outfit, you will want to save the image to refer back to at any point.

Once you have about 12-15 outfits – head to CANVA, this is a creative tool for social media but you can also create many other useful assets for homelife too, one being ‘photo collage’ which we are going to use for this. CANVA will offer you numerous templates, if you don’t have CANVA PRO or your are not prepared to pay, then make sure you select a FREE template to use before you start. The one you see in this blogpost is a free template.

Add your imagery in a way that makes you love looking at the outfits and then simply ‘download’ to save, I opt for j-peg.

You can print off at home or go to a printer shop –  you really do need a hard copy as this will enable you to take action daily, stay on track of the style rules you have set for 2023 and help you plan your wardrobe.

There is nothing to stop you saving it as your wallpaper background on your phone or even posting it on social media as a vision goal too – but the print out is purposeful, it will make you take action for yourself.

Here’s another example if you have picked a style theme you would like to embrace more of in 2023, here is a selection of WINTER WHITES, a stylish alternative to wearing all black in winter.

Winter Whites styling board created on Pinterest – see Pinterest Board



Are you in need of discussing your current relationship with your own style? We all need a style chat from time to time. In response to feedback from you, my community – you can now book in for a video style chat with me for up to 30 minutes.

In this session you can pick one of the following three topics to discuss:

  1. Your three style words – this supports the foundations of curating your own wardrobe
  2. Up to 2 items of clothing to discuss on how you can restyle them with items you have or potential gaps you may need to then shop for
  3. An open chat about how you currently feel about your style and how you can use social media and magazines to start your style journey

Find out more here.


Listen to Lizzi as she talks openly and more in depth about creating your vision board for your style, on the podcast Styling Matters.


All images in this post is from PINTEREST – To see the original pins then head to Dopamine Styling or Winter Whites – Pin the ones you love to your own style board!


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