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The photo of me on the left is Christmas Day 2018 and the photo of me on the right is 20 weeks on and 20lbs lighter in weight. I am still very much the same chick as I was then; but I do feel healthier, happier and I have a lot more energy. If I am truly honest I hadn’t notice the weight gain – hubby and I love our food and still do but I was not loving exercise. After battling through my first 7lbs of weight loss, lifestyle changes have become much easier and habits have definitely changed.  It takes about three weeks to really change a habit, and that is with daily management to change a cycle – you have to have the right mindset and want to change to be able to focus on doing so.

The photo of me on the left was my first realisation that something had to change, and then it took about 3-4 weeks to kick start my new changes as it’s simply unrealistic to think it will happen overnight – I have lost a pound a week over 20 weeks, but not been every week! Some weeks I have gained and some I have lost, but consistency has paid off and I’m on the right road now to finish the end game – which I am more than determined to achieve.



After my first seven (tough) weeks, I wrote about the key steps I had to change to get this weight loss going – so if you’ve not had a chance to take a look at that post, then please do. I talk through getting a support team, which I am still very reliant on today to keep me motivated. Staying hydrated, which plays a huge factor in weight loss, slip a couple of days behind on this and I certainly now notice it – I also think this has improved the condition of both my hair and skin too. I also mention about increasing your protein and I feel this has played a huge part in my total weight loss and is one of the biggest changes I have made.



I wake up at 5.30am most mornings and head to bed by 10.30pm latest – so I personally live a 17 hour day every day. That requires a lot of energy and I found prior to changing my habits, I was constantly hungry. I would eat a snack like a croissant with my mid-morning coffee and that would not keep me full till lunchtime. Or I would try to be ‘healthy’ and eat an apple, and after about ten minutes I would be looking for food again.

It was explained to me by my Personal Trainer Jo, to imagine my daily energy as a fire; if I have carbs as my snacks it would get the flames high for a while but the fire will not stay burning all day, and if I eat protein then the flames are not high but my fire will burn all day nicely – and I visualise this some times to help me make the right decisions, especially when that croissant is tempting me!!

By making sure I eat regularly throughout the day and keeping my light meals and snacks protein high – I have not felt hungry. And now when I do feel hungry it’s because I have not drank enough – see the body is actually very clever in telling you what you need, I just wasn’t listening. In tune with my own needs and my own routine has been key to the success of my weight loss.



The question I am now being asked daily and why I decided to write this blogpost on it. It seems when people notice my weight loss they haven’t really asked what exercise I am doing (but I am and that’s been an important factor too!). I get asked what am I eating. My initial response to this is “I eat whatever I like – BUT…” and they are; I keep to my calories assigned to me for that day, plus I make sure I eat healthily with much consideration for the protein I am taking in.

So here are some examples of what I include in my daily diet – not everyday, as it’s good to mix things up!


Red Apple with Peanut butter


As a snack – Now when I eat an apple I cut it into slices and spread on peanut butter – 20g max with a medium size apple. What’s really important when selecting your peanut butter (smooth or crunchy) is that it’s made from 100% nuts. Strangely even the premium brands add more oil and sugar and you don’t need this. I highly recommend this Tesco’s own brand version.

Peanut butter is good for you – but a maximum 20g per day is sufficient.




Either as a snack or part of a light meal – Eggs are full of protein and I used to have one hard boiled egg as a mid-morning snack, but quite often felt hungry soon after. I was encouraged to eat two hard boiled eggs as the calories combined where the equivalent to my snack calorie allocation, and it’s worked. I now don’t feel hungry. Top Tip: Put clingfilm around your hard boiled egg and crack it within that, it keeps it all tidy plus it allows me to carry eggs in my bag should I be out and about, helping me with having my snacks on me and not reliant on trying to find any on the go.

I often also have two eggs scrambled on toast as a lunch option if I don’t fancy a sandwich or salad.


Houmous selection and carrots


As a snack – This is such an easy one to take to the office! I never buy (or make) a large tub of houmous – buy them in the correct portion size, then you cannot be tempted to over eat. Delicious with carrots or my other favourite is sugar snap peas.



Warburtons Protein Bagels


As part of your lunch – whether you choose to have a sandwich or have it as toast with something on, make your bread protein rich. I can highly recommend these bagels as an option.



Hippeas Sweet and Smokin


As a snack or part of your lunch – we all at times want a treat and I am very much a savoury person and can easily consume crisp after crisp after crisp. I have swapped my Walkers for these and they are keeping me very happy. I do not have this every day, I actually have a small bag of popcorn with my office lunch. But as a treat at the weekends, this is very much my go to! Top Tip: do not eat straight out the bag (you’ll end up eating the whole lot!) weigh out a 90 calorie portion in a small bowl and put the bag away. This way you have your treat and you do not over eat.



If like me weight loss is essential – my biggest tip is to be kind to yourself. Now that doesn’t mean feel free to eat what you like on any given day, because if you let habits slip then consistency and change will not happen. But if you get through the day meeting your goals congratulate yourself. Tell others you have done it (I’m always saying to my hubby…. I’ve managed to not consume XYZ today – and he praises me too). If you do have a bad day, put it behind you and stop talking about it, get on with your new fresh day and make that a better more successful day.

I treat myself once a week – it’s my treat and it’s the only treat I give myself. Trying to be perfect won’t get you far, but being fair to yourself will.


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It’s now 4th February 2020 and it’s one year on since I started my weight loss journey. I lost 2 ½ stone in nine months and for the remaining months in 2019 I maintained it by sticking to my daily habits that I had changed as part of my weight loss journey.

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  1. Zoe oakley
    May 27, 2019 / 12:08 pm

    Hi Liz…Hope you are well… certainly look it!! I have been following Slimming World for a while now but have become a little “bored” with it. Whilst on holiday I thought about keeping to a set daily calorie intake, upon my return. Your blog about your 20lb weight loss is fascinating!! Can I ask how you decided what your daily calorie intake would be and also your typical day of drinks/fluid intake? Exercise too….I’m interested to know how much & what you do, if you don’t mind telling me!

    • lovedbylizzi
      May 27, 2019 / 6:26 pm

      Hi Zoe,

      Not at all, I would be pleased to help! My personal trainer Jo gave me my calories, and that’s around 1,650 per day, but I eat six times a day as I get up so early. So roughly 220 for breakfast, 150-175 mid morning snack, Lunch around 350-400, 150-175 mid-afternoon snack, my dinner is now around 550 because I didn’t want to give up my lemon mousse which is 107 cals which I have around 9pm.

      Don’t forget your drinks (unless it is water or herbal tea have calories too) so you need to allow for that. I drink 2 litres of water/mint tea everyday

      Another factor is I do not eat refined sugar – only honey or maple syrup and I was doing this before I started this new way to live.

      Exercise is 30 mins three times a week at home (with Kettlebells, resistance bands and dumbells)

      Have you read my 7lbs in 7 weeks – that will tell you how I started to lose weight and how.

      I hope this helps Lizzi x

  2. May 27, 2019 / 8:44 pm

    This is a very well written and realistic, helpful blog which successfully illustrates the importance of protein and hydration in the diet and weight loss pursuit. You look marvellous, Lizzy and I congratulate you and admire you for helping others to do the same. I’d like to add my affirmation and say also that a high vegetable and Pulse intake has kept me healthy and to the correct weight with regular enjoyable exercise too, such as dancing, cycling, running and walking with a new twist this year- garden stretching and weights- a joy this Spring. I’ve also cracked the habit of eating in the evening, calling a halt to all food consumption after 7.30 pm except when I’m out for a meal. I now sleep better and feel better as a result and don’t fall prey to evening sugar/ crisp snacking. Mindfulness has helped me too this year where I question why I’m over eating etc I hope this helps any of your readers . I will say the first three weeks of my new no evening eating were gruelling but easy now.

    • lovedbylizzi
      May 28, 2019 / 7:51 pm

      Thank you Catherine and what great tips! I think I will look into some of these myself. I have much lighter meals now, eating six times a day. I wish I could eat earlier in the evenings however a working life doesn’t allow for that (at the moment!) – If you can get through the first 3 weeks of any change, you can do it!! Lizzi x

  3. Henri
    May 28, 2019 / 8:28 pm

    Fab blog as ever Lizzi! Lots of useful tips so thank you. I agree water is the key amongst other things you mention, when I slack a bit and not drinking enough of it, it’s certainly noticeable.. Xxx

    • lovedbylizzi
      May 31, 2019 / 2:35 pm

      Oh absolutely! It’s just so important to stay hydrated. You are looking fabulous too with your weight loss, it’s been good for the two of us x

  4. June 1, 2019 / 11:57 pm

    (new reader alert!)
    Loved reading your super healthy tips for snacks, I never get hungry, and sometimes forget to eat which is so unhealthy, particularly loved the boiled egg tips
    Thanks for sharing.

    • lovedbylizzi
      June 2, 2019 / 4:14 pm

      I am so pleased you found it useful! I think there will be more blogs on this to come, so please do look out for them! Thanks, Lizzi x

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