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Home spa beauty treatments is not something I was planning to write about this year, you see I am firmly in the camp of leaving it to the professionals!

Why? Well not only do they definitely do a better job and after 7 weeks of lockdown I have now fully tested this theory – but I miss the selfcare of going through the ritual of having the treatment. I miss booking my appointments, the whole juggling of the diary. I miss the reading of the magazines as I wait for my appointment (you know the ones, the magazines you never buy but love to have a nosey whilst you wait). I miss the chit-chat with the professionals, plus the whole rest and relaxation that it provides.

In the meantime (whilst we can dream about heading back) I thought I would give you a peak at what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks – I’ve just been having a go at doing it, in my own way…. fitting them in whenever I can spare five minutes in my day for a little selfcare.


With gels, I tend to be good at making them last three weeks so I rarely opt for colour. I usually go for a nude to make sure they go with all my outfits.

My current ‘doing it myself’ is back with normal nail varnish, and sadly they are hardly lasting three days, let alone weeks. I’ve opted for a brighter, more cheerful colours as it’s short-term.

My go to brand is Rimmel London 60 seconds…. because that’s about as long as my patience will last when. My top tip – apply as thinly as you can, go too thick and it will NEVER EVER dry!

purple hand nails



Back in January this year, I wrote a blogpost recommending NOT to pluck your brows, but rather find the right professional treatment with either waxing or threading.

If like me, you cannot wait and leave them natural, then here are my top tips for plucking:

  • Use the sharpest tweezers you have (or order some news ones online)
  • Pluck them in the direction the hair is growing
  • Only pluck below the arc of your brow – leave your main brow alone
  • Don’t pluck above your arc unless you know how to, leave that for the experts
  • If you have been getting professional treatment to get a specific shape, try as much as you can to not pluck, your beautician has spent months (maybe years) getting you a good shape, which you can easily ruin through plucking.



Whether it’s for your face or hair try and do something weekly. We’ve all got to make our hair last that bit longer and so look at the time you are spending on masks as a little relaxation.

I’ve been using a variety of face masks – I’ve basically raided my entire beauty drawers to see what samples I have (you know the ones you get in magazines or in shops, the testers in the little pouches) I’ve just been using them up.

I also had from an old beauty box this M&S face mask which is what I am covered in on my photo, it’s a 7/10  from me – it does leave my skin fresh, but I don’t actually like applying it or taking it off… it’s a little too glupy. I am very much missing my Chantecaille Healing Mask that I had as a sample, a little went a long way plus you can’t actually see it, so you could carry on with doing what you want.


On my hair I’ve opted for masks that you can apply before you shampoo and condition – I am currently using Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Pre Shampoo Treatment  

I’ve applied it and then got on with clearing up the house or doing a work out – you need about 20-30 minutes before you wash it out.


With the gorgeous weather kicking in I’ve been in sliders and flip-flops before really having the chance to get my first Spring pedicure. Honestly, I didn’t realise until now just how important that first pedicure of the season is!!

I learnt this trick many years ago… but I’ve just discovered a product that gets me there in one go!

If you want super-soft skin on your feet, I apply a generous amount of body moisturiser before bedtime and then put on some cotton sport socks. Normally within 2 -3 nights they become super soft, however I was lucky to be asked to test a moisturising hand cream by BALANCE ME – a brand that is 100% natural, vegan approved and prides itself on clean beauty. Well their hand cream can also be used on your feet;  I’ve discovered I can get what I need in just the one night’s treatment! I’m also loving this product on my elbows too!

It’s a big 10/10 from me.




My final home spa beauty tips would be to raid all your beauty drawers, see what you already own. Either approach your home spa beauty with blocking out “me time” and doing numerous beauty treatments in one session or perhaps more like me, squeezing in 5 minutes here and there – either way selfcare is really important. The more you can maintain yourself, the better you will feel and you may discover you enjoy it, which could be a great way to save yourself money in the future.

I’m sure it won’t be long until we are back at the salons or having a girls night in with face masks on – but in the meantime… care about selfcare.


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