Highstreet Trench Coats for under £80

Trench coats continue to offer so much choice and variety, this lighter-weight long coat is still one of the best go-to options for Spring. And with it you can play with colour, with length and it’s a fabulous item for styling up or dressing down.

Trench Coat H&M

You can choose to stay classic or you can opt for some really trendy pieces – here are a couple of tips to consider before investing in yours:

  • It used to be a coat that typically we would suggest to belt-it at all times – that’s probably the best way to wear it professionally if you’re buying it for work, but if you want the versatility of wearing it casual with trainers or loafers, then it needs to look good open
  • For either fit, it needs to fit well on the shoulders, if it’s too big this style of coat can add a lot of weight to your overall look, and no one wants that!
  • If you are hour-glass or pear shape, it needs to be belted most of the time to define your body shape, so it’s important you like how the belt fits and the style of it
  • If you are wearing it open, then you can tie the belt behind you for that casual style and then it minimises the hassle of the belt just dangling and getting in your way
  • When selecting a colour and you can have a lot of fun with colour – just make sure that it works with items you already own; you want it to compliment what you have, not force you to have to buy new items to be able to wear it
  • Take length into consideration – we are not all the same height or size, so really have a good look at where it finishes on the leg or thigh – ‘Is that the most flattering length for you?’ Be honest with yourself, because choosing right, first time, gives you more money to spend on other clothes
  • If you are spending under £80, it’s highly unlikely it will be shower proof, if you need it to be then you need to check the labelling 


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First up is the coat that’s currently in store at H&M – I love the longer length and it comes up very big, I had to downsize at least one size to get it right on the shoulder. I love the colour of this green, it looks very modern and fresh for the new season.

Also available in a dark blue

H&M Trench coat green

Now I found this gorgeous pink-checked coat in River Island, I did Instagram it on the day because it was reduced down to £50 from £89 – not surprisingly it has sold out. I’m still showing it to you for style inspiration, because a large check like this is very much on trend.

Trench Coat River Island Pink

I have found you an alternative checked option, this is from Topshop and I think looks glam – You will turn heads in the office walking in wearing this one! 

Belted Checked Coat

I’m loving this bright yellow option from River Island, if you opt for the ‘column-of-colour’ underneath, this is where you wear head to toe one colour including your boots/shoes (it’s a very good slimming effect) you could do this with black, navy or another colour you’d like – this would make this mustard yellow coat the statement piece

River Island
Mustard yellow belted duster trench coat

My last few posts I’ve featured striped trousers, and a trench coat over them with high-heeled pointed shoes, looks just fabulous!!! I’m loving this option from Miss Selfridge.

Miss Selfridge
Green Double-Breasted Trench Coat

This next one from Zara is very different, and if you invest in this piece it’s not a classic and so I guarantee that whilst you may love it today (and I certainly do), I don’t think you’ll be so keen in 12 months – so get as much wear from this, this season.

Contrasting long faux suede jacket

Now if you want classic, long-lasting quality, a choice of colours, and most importantly you want it to be showerproof, then your best bet is this one from M&S – it comes in red, yellow, classic pebble, a variety of blues plus more and it’s only £45!

M&S Trench coat blue

It’s a shorter length, ideal if you want one suitable for office wear, especially if you are a commuter; the shorter length will be more comfortable to travel in and the website even goes on to say that it is creased resistant, which is a big bonus when you need to look professional throughout the entire day! Sizing is true to size.

The Everywear Mac

And finally if you would like to invest in this trend, but you really do not want to part with much cash – Primark had quite a variety to choose from and all are £25 or less.  This one was my favourite, I love the classic colour, there was no belt with it, so very much an open style of coat, and sizing was true to size. Not bad for £25. I’m sorry, but in typically Primark style it’s not online, you’ll need to head in store

Khaki green duster coat

Trench coat green
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