Highlights from postcards of midlife live
Highlights from Postcards of Midlife Live: Annee de Mamiel & Lucy Wyndham-Read

Postcards of Midlife Live has got to be one of the most interesting events I’ve been to for a while. Here are my highlights from the day, but it only captures a teeny amount as there was so much activity across two days!

If you are over 40 and feel a little deflated with midlife chaos, then like me, you would have fitted in perfectly. Every woman, and I spoke to many on the day, all felt the same – and it felt really good to be with like-minded women. Read on to discover my ‘takeaways’ of the day.

It all starts with open conversation and that was the main format of Postcards from Midlife Live. Micro-staged events across categories like wellness, menopause and second staged careers to name a few. Supported with stands that offered more advice, products or books to enable you to walk our armed with knowledge that there is support there for you – It made me realise you’ve just got to make the connections, be it through personal consultations, joining an online community or subscribing to lotions and potions that may (or potentially may not) give you a boost to take on this new chapter – exploring all options is the key.

It’s all about putting yourself firstselfish isn’t it?! Nope, not at all. If you are not firing at 100% then you can’t support others around you. One of the biggest takeaways of the day for me personally.

It’s all about getting exciting about this second chapter of life and not seeing as part of the start of the end, but taking what you’ve done for the last 20+ years and considering new doors to open, new connections to have and to serve and help others in a new way with all the wisdom you have developed up to this point – It’s left me excited to start!


The former glossy magazines duo, Trish Halpin and Lorraine Candy who have edited the likes of ELLE, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Red, Instyle and Sunday Times Style;  co-host a chart-topping podcast Postcards From Midlife, having open conversations between themselves or their guests about the chapter of our lives defined as ‘midlife’ – Lifestyle topics for the over 40s have never been this witty before!

I was privileged to have a few minutes with the ladies before I went into the event and they are just as delightful in person as when I hear them weekly on the podcast (as I drive to and from work).

Highlights from postcards of midlife live
Lorraine Candy (Red jacket) & Trish Halpin (Pink suit)


Sadie Frost was the first of two talks I had booked in for. I was keen to listen in on Sadie’s conversation, she’s about 10 years older than me and ever since the 90’s she has been a celebrity favourite of mine; I know that her life has had many trials and tribulations and that she would just be a really interesting person to hear how she has, as a woman, handled them.

She didn’t disappoint and she was very open and frank about many of life’s topics – especially the feeling of empty-nest syndrome and how she’s had to tackle that, on her own now that her four children have left home.

Sadie Frost being open and honest about her feelings of empty nest syndrome.

She confesses to enjoying the simpler things in life; daily meditation, sound baths (something I know nothing about, but now inspired to explore!), morning Yoga and her little sausage dog, Cherry who is her everything right now!

The biggest takeaway for me, perhaps because it resonates with my own understanding of myself – she accepts that despite others perceiving her to be an extrovert, she is an introvert. She now leans in to her introvert needs of time away alone by going to retreats in India for her holidays rather than big groups away. She also talked about her weekly practices of dining, walking or gyming on her own and not having to be surrounded by people all the time.

You can follow Sadie on Instagram at sadielizafrost

Avoid Burnout & Lead a Less Stressful Life with Annee de Mamiel & Lucy Wyndham-Read

My next talk was with Annee de Mamiel & Lucy Wyndham-Read, talking about leading a less stressful life and how to avoid burnout.

I have, over the last 20 years, had burnout more than once and it can leave you paralysed.  Your brain wants you to get up and get going, but you can’t, your body simply can’t move. I’ve experienced burnout in more than one way, however the one most people seem to understand is vertigo.

I was therefore keen to understand what Annee de Mamiel & Lucy Wyndham-Read had to share and again, they did not disappoint!

Annee de Mamiel has a deep fascination with the body’s innate intelligence to self-heal and how it functions at a cellular level, with many year’s experience she has taken her knowledge and powered it into a wellness form of unique skincare, through her brand, de Mamiel.  Lucy Wyndham-Read, a fitness instructor with over 2.3m Youtube subscribers, her aim as an online personal trainer is to get people off their sofas and into exercise to improve both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Both their journeys were fascinating to listen to and what you find through these types of workshops is that everyone, and I mean everyone, has a personal story of life’s ups and downs – and how we can use our bodies and our mindsets to help heal us. I had the lucky chance to be able to answer them a question live at the event. I asked “Fitness and medicine aside, what daily rituals do you do yourself, that you would recommend to the women in this room

Annee’s response was “to breathe” – Annee actually demonstrated a breathing technique within the talk that we could all join in on.

Place your feet firmly on the ground in front of you as you are seated; breathing in and out deeply & get your mind to feel your body and ask yourself –  what is it saying? Then keep breathing in and our deeply for a few minutes,  then we had (at the start of the session) been given a cotton pad with an aromatherapy oil dabbed on.  We were to gently inhale again,  she then asked us, to ask our mind again how our body is feeling. Whatever at that point you can firmly recognise (for me it was a knot in my shoulder that was pounding) it was THIS that you should focus on and heal.  (Which on a side note… I have taken action on said knot, It was the kick I needed!)

Lucy’s response was “change from ladies that lunch, to ladies that walk” – Lucy went on to describe that there are huge benefits to women over 40 to move.  “Just keep moving your body” the message I got was it’s not about high intensity workouts or cardio – it’s about not being sedentary for long periods of time during your waking hours. I hear you Lucy…. and have actively taken to getting more steps in my day, by parking further away and making extra time to walk the dog a longer distance which benefits Alfonso as well as me!

All in all – it was a packed filled day and had I not had prior commitments I certainly would have attended day 2 too! Check out my highlights from Postcards of Midlife Live here on my reels.


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