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When I started to write the first post about wearing glasses, I wanted to get other girls involved, as I knew there are so many women who don’t mind wearing glasses and enjoy updating their style.

And you didn’t let me down!  

Geek Chic Glam has to be one my most popular posts since launching this blog November last year.  I shortly followed this up with a posting that showed you five designs that I couldn’t decide on, again the interaction on Time to update the look! was simply fabulous.  Thank you.

And now for the big reveal – which one did I go for?

Well the feedback suggested that the Ray Bans were the most popular choice, but you were indecisive about the black or the tortoise-shell.  So back I went, this time with my mother-in-law Carol, to have another look.

And it must come as no surprise to you – that I ended up buying a completely different pair that I had not tried on before!  Gok Won got my vote in the end with a large pair of tortoise-shell frames – that I simply love.  The new look has taken a little getting use to, plus a few hic-ups like sore ears and headaches, but now that I have battled through them and with all the lovely compliments I’ve been getting, I’m so glad I have made the change.

So thank you for your help, I hope that you found my advice useful, and if you what my help in choosing some frames for you, then send some pics through to and I will be happy to help.

A couple of pics for you to see my new style…

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