I am truly delighted that Gina has agreed to share her styling tips on how you can get started with adding more colour into your wardrobe.

Gina lives in America and her ageless styling attitude is how we have bonded over the years! I just love her and at 58 years old, Gina is not letting her age hold her style back.

We hope you enjoy this blog post and start to get more confident with wearing colour.

love Lizzi x

Gina Kieslich on colour confidence and ageless styling attitude


Gina Kieslich shares her tips and trips on improving your colour confidence with her ever reinforcing message that style is ageless!

Start a love affair with color

Every great love story starts with a chance happening.

You’ll see that amazing colorful piece in the shop window, you may flirt with the idea of getting it but you think it might not fit into your current lifestyle or closet. You tend to be more of a neutral-colored gal. But as time goes by and you pass it a few more times you decide to try it on for size; it fits and the new piece in your closet has arrived. But now what? You didn’t plan for this to happen.

First off, give yourself permission to be spontaneous. Listen to what you love and add it to your closet because every time you wear it, it will bring you joy.

Secondly, congratulations, you now entered the wonderful world of color… but where to start? When it comes to adding color to a neutral wardrobe here are a few ways to begin to bring that new love to life:

The early dating days…

While being spontaneous is like a rush of adrenaline, clothing has a price tag and its best to spend a bit of time thinking before you fully jump in.

Identify a color that makes you feel amazing when you put it on; this may sound simple but can sometimes be daunting. We all learned years ago that we have colors that look good on us and others that do not – aka color matching.

While that may be true, I find that when it comes to color and personal style, it is more important to feel good in what you wear than it being the ideal shade. If you feel good in what you are wearing, you carry yourself differently, you project a positive vibe and that inner glow transcends any mismatched color choices.

I love pink but it isn’t a color that loves me back – still I wear it with confidence and always get compliments on it.

Feeling beautiful is more important than following the rules.


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Start with purchasing shoes and a handbag in your new color crush. This makes it easy to instantly create a full, well balanced look without spending a fortune converting your entire wardrobe to color.

Instant pop and voila your wearing color!


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Once you’ve decide this love affair needs to go the next level…

Add a top and bottom and perhaps even a coat or blazer in your favorite color.

A monochromatic look in a color you love is instant sophistication and an easy win when you can’t decide what to wear or you just want to feel happy – mine is red.


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You now have all the tools you need to start to get playful but still feel comfortable in your neutral-central style.

Color blocking – solids

Color blocking with a neutral is alway a win. Create bold looks by wearing a neutral on the bottom and balance with a vibrant top. For a classic look have the bag and shoes match the neutral bottoms. But if you are looking to get more adventurous ( break the balance-rules – see below), go for a bag and shoes that match the color.



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Prints and neutrals

Bringing in a print top is easy as long as it has a dominant neutral in it. Use that neutral as your balance on the bottom and pull out a color from the print for matching handbag and shoes.


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Keeping the love alive…

Every relationship is about balance and give and take. The same applies to adding color.

Any time you add a bold color your eye will immediately go to that color; a greater contrast is created with bolder colors, which is why when we add a bold color on the top, the bag and shoes follow the neutral – it needs more weight.

For softer tones, it’s easier to blend from head to toe as the contrast is not as great (think tan and pink).

Which brings us to color on the bottom. The ideal neutral match to color on the bottom is a white or cream top. Simple right?…wrong! There are a few ways you need to consider to keep this relationship in balance:

  • The top has puffy sleeves, a large amount of detailing or ruffles
  • Add jewelry to create weight on top – large earrings or necklace
  • Create texture with a cross-body bag that has a chain or other detailing
  • Wear layers on the top – add a jacket or bustier or vest
  • Add a hat or stand out sunglasses



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Once you start adding color, you won’t want to stop!  The love of color can be fun, addictive and adventurous and even though we have outlined some items above.  Nothing is a rule – this is a guide to get you thinking and experimenting and inspired.

Anf finally, here is a list of my favorite colors with their neutral compliment – these are my go-to combinations that I feel most comfortable with.

  • Camel/tan: pink, purple or green
  • Black: green, red, orange
  • White: yellow or blue

What combinations will you create?

I’d love to hear from you. Come follow my color creations on Instagram at @ginmkstyle – drop me a DM, I’d love to know you favourite color combinations.

Want to see more of Gina? Well she shared her 2023 Style rules in





  1. Liz Evans
    July 21, 2023 / 8:57 am

    Fab blog and podcast

    • lovedbylizzi
      July 21, 2023 / 9:45 am

      Gina did a great job on this writing this, she broke the stages down really well! x

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