Christmas shopping

We’ve not started Christmas shopping in our house, well we have a few bits but I keep saying to myself I have plenty of time!  Like everyone else I’m sure I’ll be frantic at the last minute!  I’m usually good at the buying process but useless when it comes to wrapping them!

I probably shouldn’t confess to this but every time hubby & I go Christmas shopping we come home with shopping bags full of things for us – I think we get bored with trying to find new things for people that we start to look for new things for us.

A couple of gift ideas if you need some inspiration for him & for your own list…

For him…

ICE London (
From £60 
Available in Gold or Silver

And for us….. (well a girl can dream!)

Alexander McQueen
White Union Jack Clutch
Priced at £965 – value of purchase is only £1.32 if you use everyday for the next two years!

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