A gift for a fashionista young girl

Today one of my gorgeous nieces turns 6 years old.   This particular niece is bonkers about clothes, shoes, dressing up and anything that involves going through your wardrobe.  When she stays over, she likes to apply every cream, potion & lotion that I have.   And yes sometimes my Chanel –  although I draw a line at using my 219 Black Satin when we paint our nails!

In the mornings, it’s great fun as she likes to help me select what I’m wearing that day (which is normally based around what items/colours she has in her Guffalo Trunki) –  so that we can match, of course! (Note to her Mother – please bear this in mind when you next pack!)

Now when it comes to buying presents, it’s great having nieces.  I personally find buying for girls much easier then the boys…sadly I think it’s because I would love to wear them myself.  My Hubby quite often has to remind me that I’m not buying for ME!

She also loves books.

And so, what better way to encourage her to read than to buy her a book about Manolo Blahnik, the shoe designer.  Now I know what your thinking…a little young, would she care, does she even understand why there is a need to have shoe designers?

Well thank you to Camilla Morton.  She has taken a classic story of the Elves and the Shoemaker, and mixed up this ‘Once upon a time’ story and added our very own ‘Sex & the City’ Manolo. The illustrations are all by Mr Blahnik himself.

The story is the same, but now includes a young boy Manolo who is born in the Canary Islands and leaves the island and his mum to become a shoe designer.  With the lush illustrations throughout the entire book, these are just as exciting as the story itself.  

A must for every fashionista young girl, and at least when it comes to bedtime it will be a story for both you & her!

Happy birthday Ellie!

I purchased my copy from Amazon.com

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