Fringe Benefits – Part 2

Ok the debate on whether I’m should to have a fringe is continuing – one of the best places to get feedback on an idea is Twitter – I knew the girls wouldn’t let me down, so here are some of the comments:

Emma Cossey ‏@emma_cossey
@lovedbylizzi “I’ve had various fringes throughout the years. You’ll need to get it trimmed regularly, but worth it!”

Kate Gurney ‏@Memoirswardrobe

@lovedbylizzi “I like having one, it suits my face, I look rubbish without. I strongly recommend batiste xl. I use it everyday xx”

Rachel Turone ‏@RachelTheHat

@lovedbylizzi “Do’s: start longer, you can always trim more off. Dry shampoo is also a life saver and a good vent brush is your best friend.  Dont’s: cut too short to begin with and don’t be afraid to try it. It grows Mega quick! Lol xxx”

Comments where left on Part 1 too from; Pretty Little Things, Ruby, Carol, Hola and Rachel, simply click here to have a read of them.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been looking at every person who has a fringe and I didn’t realise there were so many different styles.  So far I’ve been keen the deep V, but with so many variations to choose from I getting a little dizzy with it all!

Now if it’s suggested that I should have a fringe that sits a little to the side, I’m liking this one that Reece has as it’s femenine and stylish:

Image from

I really like Christina Ricci with a fringe – but I don’t think I have the same size forehead to carry this one off!

Image from

Some say I look similar to Davina McCall – so here’s Davina with a fringe, which doesn’t look to bad.

Image from

My hubby thinks I look more like Kirsten Davis (or that’s wishful thinking on his part!) however I can’t find a pic with her in a fringe…

Image from

…so should I really get one?

Last chance to give me any more advice as the appointment is booked!

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  1. Carol
    December 11, 2012 / 5:04 pm

    A fringe will look great Liz, take the risk, sure you will love it.

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