It takes three weeks to change a habit, apparently. With February fast approaching and Blue-January coming to an end, I’ve got five great habits that will enhance your own personal work style and so by the end of February, these new habits could form part of daily routine!

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The night before trick

The more you prep the night before, the less hassle and more time you’ll have in the mornings – think of that extra sleep you could be having, earning you points towards your overall wellbeing. Get that shirt or skirt ironed, clean your shoes, sort out what accessories, swap your handbags and have your work bag ready to go so you can head out in the mornings, less rushed and more gliding like a swan than tripping over your feet like calamity Jane! – (LOL)

Keep your skincare routine simple

You don’t need every lotion and potion to keep your skin in fabulous condition, but it is really important to have a good skincare routine as this forms the foundation of your make-up. If you keep it simple, you are more likely to do it. Cleanse in the shower, add moisturiser perhaps with a touch of serum and that’s it. Forget toner, masks and scrubs save that for for the weekends or prepping for a night out.

Avoid wearing the same garment twice to work in the same week

The vast majority of us only wear about 20% of our wardrobe, over and over again. Last week I gave you a few tips on how to avoid wearing the same item, but if you would like to enhance your work style, then avoid wearing the same basics every day. Try to jazz up your wardrobe with more than one coat or handbag; and if for example black trousers are a huge part to your own work ‘uniform’ why not try expanding by having different styles and fabric finishes so you are not moving away from your style, but you will look different, every day, effortlessly.

Add colour with your accessories

A great way to make a statement is with colour, but if you are of the neutral colour work style the easiest way to do this is by having your accessories do all the talking! So if you typically wear a navy trouser suit why not have a large boxy handbag in red. Or if you like to wear black dresses most days, then why not invest in the exact same bag but in different bright bold colours, so say Monday you use Verde green, Tuesday use Cobalt blue, Wednesday a pop of Magenta pink and so on and so on – playing with colour can be a lot of fun.

Get your lippy on

A great way to feel instantly happy is to add a little lippy, I wrote about the benefits of this some time ago. Lipstick will make you smile; and a smile can go a long way in the working environment. Let’s take two very popular celebrities; Victoria Beckham who is renowned for not smiling, for those of us who watch her Instastories we know she has a great sense of humour, but we perceive her to be quite snotty. Let’s compare to Claudia Winkleman, who is always smiling, she however keeps her personal life quite quiet and so we only see her TV persona and assume that she is the most loveliest woman and we would all like her to be our friend. I’m pretty sure both are amazing women who are both truly happy, but it’s likely we would say Claudia is more happy – and that’s simply because she smiles. Back to the lippy… be brave and go bold if you dare, but step it up on occasions especially if you need an extra boost of confidence.


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