WARNING: Now if you talk too much about ‘Alexa‘ in front of your man, he may think you are investing in technology for the home; although this could be the perfect way to make a deal with him! He gets to buy that Echo thing so that he can command orders to it day and night (gives you a break anyway!) and then you can buy this Alexa biker jacket which I personally think you’ll enjoy far more! 

I’m doing things a little different this week, before I give you my reasons… check out my five ways to wear it!

Style reason 1 – Wear it out for dinner, just add heeled boots and dangling earrings


Style reason 2 – Ditch the travelling pashmina, upgrade your travel style


Style reason 3 – When you shop all day in a shopping centre this little number will not get you too hot!


Style reason 4 – Wear it to lunch with the girlfriends, it’s perfect with a midi skirt and trainers


Style reason 5 – And for colder days, just add faux fur… OR a chunky knitted scarf!


And now my five reasons why you should invest in Alexa

Reason 1 – A biker jacket adds edge to your look, without going OTT

Biker jackets are huge this Autumn – they have become a versatile staple in most women’s wardrobe because they go with so many items. What’s different this AW17? well they have been restyled into more than just the standard black leather (thank god!). Colour choice, fabric choice you don’t have to be like everyone else.

What’s fabulous about a biker jacket is that it gives a little edge to a simple outfit. I’m often just in a plain tee and jeans, and whilst I can wear a cardigan a biker jacket just adds so much more to the look. And then there is the day dress, if you opt for a suit jacket you may feel like your heading to the office on a weekend (no one wants that feeling!)… the biker jacket will add that WOW factor!

And then when you add heeled boots and some chunky jewellery, you are ready for a fabulous night out, you know you will be glam!

I’m wearing a size Medium which is a 12, it’s a great fit. Alexa is made from faux suede and I am so pleased with the light fabric, as it means I can wear it fully zipped up without adding bulk across my chest, this is great as it gives me the choice to add a big scarf and leather gloves on colder days.

Reason 2 – A travel companion

This jacket has travelled with me to Sweden for a business conference, for a weekend away in Portsmouth and for a holiday with hubby in Dorset along the coast. I have found this light-weight jacket a fantastic companion. It’s not too heavy for when you are at the airport, it fold ups really well so that you can tuck it into a bag and it doesn’t add extra weight (thankfully!).

And then… when the following happened, I realised this was the perfect jacket… 

My husband ‘stuffed it’ in the car boot along with a million other things, and crammed everything else on top. Once I realised when we got to the destination, I thought it would be all creased up and I would have to hang it in the shower… but no creases?? How? I do not know AND I don’t care, in my world this is huge bonus!

I’m heading to Belfast in November, and Alexa is top of my list to come with me! 

Reason 3 – It doesn’t come in black

Now I know for a few of you (and me included) that would normally make us run for the hills, but the fact that it’s not black is what makes it a statement piece. Mine is the Forrest Green; a lovely deep green that really compliments my warm skin tone, I particularly like wearing it with my dark blue jeans or my new M&S black midi skirt.

You can choose from Taupe a great neutral, Praline a light tan option which I should imagine is a very popular choice, Cranberry which is simply gorgeous and if my skin tone was cool I would be heading straight for that one! Also two blue option; the Royal blue which is very quirky and you would certainly be making a statement but also in trendy dark navy, described as Ink – how fabulous!

Alexa Jacket – the colour choices

Reason 4 – Versatility
I’ve mentioned it doesn’t crease, but another bonus is that it’s washable, I’ve not given this a go and I only will if it’s gets dirty (I’m not a big fan of washing dark items frequently), but the fact I know I can, just gives me peace of mind.

There is also versatility in wearing it; when I travel I usually cannot take much, I know we all dream to be like the celebs with ten cases, a beauty case and a glam squad! But my reality is that I have to carry the lot, it needs to be on wheels and I like to have choice – so a jacket that works with jeans, skirts and dresses PLUS can dress up or dress down a look, adds simplicity to my hectic life.

One way I love to wear it, and you can probably tell by my photos, I like to scrunch the arms up, not only no creasing but they stay up too.

Reason 5 – The compliments come from all angles

Every time, no matter where I’m going I am getting compliments when I wear this jacket; whether it’s about the colour or the style of it, but definitely as soon as people touch me, it’s the buttery feel of the faux suede, you can see it in their face, they love it.

Compliments are great to give and great to receive – win, win!

Alexa – Kettlewell Colours

The Alexa Jacket (not to be mistaken for that Echo thing!) – She comes in six fabulous colours, she’s washable, she versatile and she’s got attitude, £99 – click here to buy.


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