Daily Mail Austin Dress - Lizzi Richardson
The Daily Mail – Wednesday 3rd April 2019


Just in case you missed the printed version… or just in case you didn’t spot it online in Femail – I thought I would highlight that I was featured in the Daily Mail this week, all because of the Austin Dress from Topshop!

I selected this dress for 12 GORGEOUS HIGH STREET SUMMER DRESSES style post last Sunday, because that’s exactly what it is – gorgeous and affordable at £39. At the time of writing the post on Sunday you couldn’t get it online but I had been in two if not three Topshop’s in the days leading up to publishing my post and there was plenty in store. Judging by the attention it has had over the last 48 hours, I now do not believe that will be the case! But don’t panic, I picked you eleven more to choose from! 😉

If you missed the article, you can zoom in on my photo and pretty much read it!


Headline on MailOnline - Lizzi Richardson
Headline on Femail – Tuesday 2nd April 2019


Highlighted by the Daily Mail Online ‘The printed design as has been likened to Rixo’s creations, which cost over £300′ – yes the pattern design and cut of dress does have it’s similarities but it’s no Rixo dress that’s for sure when you are comparing quality! The high-length double front splits and the low backline is not everyone’s cup of tea right now, but come the summer on those hot sunny days when your skintone is sun-kissed and you want to look glam at a wedding, garden party or perhaps just lunch out with the girlfriends, this dress will be sensational!


“Influencer Lizzi Richardson posted a picture of herself in the dress and described it as a ‘gorgeous summer dress’.” Maisie Bovingdon for MailOnline




Mail Online Femail Austin Dress by Topshop
Lizzi Richardson (Far Left) – Tuesday 2nd April 2019




If you missed Sunday’s post on 12 GORGEOUS HIGH STREET SUMMER DRESSES then I’d love for you to check it our!


Love Lizzi x



Austin Print Dress Topshop full

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