Wearing them all shopping
Out shopping wearing three purchases for AW19 that I am loving!

Sometimes I buy things and they don’t particularly fit a theme for the blog, but with my passion for restyling and getting cost per wear, I want to give you insight into some fabulous purchases for AW19 that I simply cannot stop wearing! If you follow me on Instagram, I do tend to point these out in my daily stories, and I like to think that you can see me restyling all the time for my #ootd posts.

Sustainable fashion is  such a buzz word at the moment, but what we need are people making conscious purchases when they shop, and I feel that if you have any doubts, don’t buy! These items I’ve invested in have been conscious purchases for me; I’ve either approached the purchase because I have a gap in my wardrobe, for example the long black boots (I’ve got other long boots, but not black and I wanted them heeled and all my heeled black boots were shoe boots) or I’ve decided to invest in a current trend, like faux fur trousers and I want to make the most of them, so I have then intentionally bought a few oversized jumpers so that I can get more use out of my new trousers.

Coming up are my #ootd photos and I will take you through the reasons why I’ve made these purchases for AW19 – and also why I love them!


I’m not going to deny it, I was a huge fan of leopard print way before it became trendy – it’s such a great print for Autumn colourings (like me) to get away with wearing more black! But this knit is so so versatile, it can be worn as I am showing here with faux leather trousers or you can team it with long boots and thick tights and wear it as a dress.

This knit makes me feel so glam without trying; I’ve worn this whole look to a casual dinner party and I’ll let you into a secret… with more dogs than humans coming to Christmas this year, I think I will be wearing this on Christmas day too – glam but super comfy too!

&Other Stories Oversized Panther Motif Sweater – £85


And Other Stories leopard print jumper
Wearing &Other Stories Leopard Knit Dress/Jumper



Classic are staples but it’s the trends that keep you modern. I believe it’s important to get on board with trends that suit you and that you can easily adopt into your existing wardrobe to keep your style fresh, current and inspiring to others. My weight loss has given me the confidence to get back into trousers (I’m not being judgemental here on size and who can wear what – read my styling for weight loss blogpost to understand how my own weight gain impacted my confidence in what I wore).

I don’t think I will be investing in real leather, I’ve been more than happy with my faux leather options – and it suits my budget more too! Here are my favourite pair from H&M, sorry but they are not online, but you might be lucky to still get them in store. I can wear them casually (as shown here) or you can add heels and and a nice blouse and you are ready for a night out!

Faux leather trousers
My favourite pair of faux leather trousers



This is a whole new arena for me, as I never really owned any until a couple of months ago. Previously most of my knitwear would be fitted and certainly not chunky – but I like the casual yet stylish side they can add to a daily look.

I’ve invested in a couple, and this green one is certainly my favourite by far and goes so well with my high-waisted trousers that I’ve hardly taken it off! Another fab find from H&M, it comes in many colours too.

H&M – Rib-knit polo-neck jumper – £24.99

(The image in the link shows a mustard colour, mine is definitely olive green)

H&M green knit
My favourite chunky knit… currently!



I’ve never really opted for hoods, just my dog walking raincoat that I bought when we got Alfonso as a puppy, and six years on it’s still there every morning as my dog walking coat.

But then I found in all this wet weather we’ve been having, that I started to use my dog walking coat for work… for popping into my home town…. I’ve been living in it, but it’s not keeping me warm!

Hoods too are so much easier in the rain for a) keeping your blowdry…. dry! and b) it frees up your hands for carrying other items. So this ‘conscious’ purchase was made in less than 5 minutes on a trip to my local Tesco’s to meet a friend for coffee and walking around the supermarket entertaining her two year old whilst we chatted, which meant I found myself in the clothing section (of course!!). And brown is my colours for autumn colouring, it had a hood, it had a faux fur hood (even better), it was padded for warmth (perfect) and it was a fab price at £35!

I’ve hardly taken it off since I purchased it! And the compliments for it have been endless.

F&F faux fur hood
Loving my faux fur hooded coat – I’ve hardly taken it off!



That was my shopping brief to myself; when you find yourself styling and saying ‘if only I had’ several times then that’s a gap. A well earned conscious soon to be purchase. You need what you need, and you should never feel guilty of these purchases – well not if they meet the entire brief and within the budget you set. These boots were exactly what I was looking for and so as result of them meeting my brief and price point, I am one happy chick!

River Island Black knee high heeled boots – £65

River Island Black knee high heeled boots
Love my boots…. and of course they go with leopard print 😉



I can’t quite believe that I am going to say, what I am about to say. I have plenty of party dresses. Yep, it’s true, I am sure you can believe it but it’s something I have to keep telling myself. I’m kind of partial to a party dress any time of year!

But what I haven’t got is a tuxedo style trouser suit and I have been longing for a velvet green one, ever since I wrote about Lou the character from Oceans 8, I think she wore a burgundy one, but I fancied olive green. Well this season M&S Per Una range have one – I thought I wouldn’t like it…. I tried it on, and that was it, I love it!  So excited with my purchase I recorded an IGTV film as soon as I got home.

In the opening image of this blogpost I am wearing them shopping with my green knit, aiming for that tonal vibe style that’s so on trend at the moment.

I sized down for a sharp fitted look, I’ve yet to wear it out… but I have a new sequin vest top from Mango that’s waiting…. ready to go!

M&S Per Una Velvet Belted Blazer – £89

M&S Per Una Velvet Wide Leg Trousers – £55

M&S green velvet suit
Send me your party invite… I’m ready to go!






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