Fashion: Summer Black

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Frankie Graddon’s post for The Pool about The joy of wearing black in summer – in fact I couldn’t agree more with her opening statement “Because summertime doesn’t always have to mean bright colours and florals“.

Why is it the minute the sun starts to shine, for some, this simply means losing all sense of style!  It’s fine if the colours suit you and it’s fine if the print or floral enhances your outfit – but let’s be honest we can all point fingers daily where the thought in your head is “did they look in the mirror before leaving?”.

Black – love it or hate it – oozes sophistication. And I personally think there is no better time to wear it, than summer.  Choose the right fabrics, the right accessories and it ticks all the boxes for me and it’s complete tosh that it makes you warmer, being in direct sunlight makes you hot regardless of what colour you are wearing!

Sparkly sandals – The Forge Boutique from Berkhamsted

My top tips on wearing summer black:

  • Wear it from head to toe – no contrasting colours please 😉
  • Keep accessories to a minimum – I personally think wearing silver or gold depending on what suits your natural colourings is best
  • Make-up is essential – go for a bright lipstick; the natural look is fine for beach but it’s a big no for a girlie lunch or a shopping
  • Sunglasses – black tint only avoid brown or grey tint as it just doesn’t finish the look
  • And according to Frankie’s post it also hides the sweat patches – bonus!

Here’s how the celebs are wearing summer black…

Well you know I love a jumpsuit (you’ll see mine at the end of this post) Cindy Crawford and her daughter looking cool in theirs.

Image: @cindycrawford

Mother-to-be Kate Waterhouse is looking fantastic in her summer black glam, extra points earned here as it’s maternity wear!!

Image: @katewaterhouse7

Sasha Wilkins wore a gorgeous lace dress to the races last week – F a b u l o u s

Image: @libertylndngirl

Elle Macphearson tends to wear the same colour head to toe anyway, so this could mean all black or all white etc.  Here’s a great summer black shot

Image: @ellemacphersonofficial

Here’s me in my summer black jumpsuit – such an simple outfit to wear.  I spent a few days in Italy last week and this garment was so… easy-pack, easy-wear and easy-glam.  I purchased it from Gap in spring, unfortunately I can’t see it on the website, but you never know it may still be in the shops?!

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