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Fashion Fix Live – Episode 5

I’m back with Janine, Samantha and Zanne for Episode 5 of Fashion Fix Live we chat about return to work style, we share our favourite style books and where we shop for statement jewellery! 

I don’t know about you, but returning to the actual office over the last couple of weeks was a little daunting. After months of working from home, the thought of having to dress for colleagues to actually see me was challenging; I’ve gained some weight, the weather was unpredictable and my first day back was the day before my lockdown haircut – I had nearly 6 months growth of unkept hair that needed colouring, for me it wasn’t the best of starts!

So it was lovely to chat through that I was not alone… and Janine shares her styling research on what to consider wearing if you too are feeling a little concerned about heading back.

We also talk about style books – I have so many! If you are new to having your own collection we share our current favourites! See more further down in the blogpost as I share all four.

We end the session with where we buy our statement fashion jewellery; refreshing your jewellery is a great way to update an outfit you already own and love! It can create a new look and modern vibe for an older style. Zanne, Janine and Samantha share their favourites places to shop.

Fashion Fix Live is a fashion and style Instagram live room chat – you can watch previous episodes on IGTV or listen on our Podcast which is also available on Spotify.

We are back on 25th June 2021 for another fashion fix chat!



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Janine – Style Coach™️ helping women: Transform your Style & Confidence, find me on Instagram @ownyourstyleuk

Zanne – Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle finds in my 40s, find me on Instagram @allthingszanne



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