Fabulous Fashionitas

Image from Channel 4

I received a text message from a very dear friend Annie, saying I needed to watch this brilliant documentary about older woman, Fabulous Fashionistas.

Well this Cutting Edge documentary about six remarkable women with an average age of 80, has to be one of the best programmes I have watched in a long time!

Six wonderful women who I think are truly inspirational for us!   Bridget, Daphne, Jean, Gillian, Sue and Lady Trumpington all have something in common: a determination to keep going, to look fabulous and to have fun, demonstrating that old age does’t have to be grim and boring.

And one of the best facts I love about them, is that they have not had botox or plastic surgery, and they all look fabulous – they look like older women, but they look fabulous!

Key advice they give; stay active, don’t retire and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Image from Channel 4
Image from Channel 4

It’s not just me raving about them!  On Twitter, here are some of the tweets…

@hellothemushroom “Just watched the #fabfashionistas I want to meet all these fabulous women!”

@amyannette37 “I hope to be half as cool as any of these ladies when I’m 80.”

@JulietteBurton “A coupe of days late on the uptake but I am in love with these women.  What amazing role models”

@andrewmarcus “Everybody should watch #fabfashionitas. Best documentary I’ve seen for a long time.”

@oldmaidenaunt – quotes from the programme – “beige is the colour of death… don’t wear beige. It’ll kill you.”

@MsJenAllison “This programme is reaffirming my life”

You can still watch it on Channel 4’s On Demand, simply click here – if you have the desire to never get old, then this is one to watch!!

They are simply fabulous!

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