Essential summer kit: Bronzing Queen

I’ve just come back from a fabulous week in Egypt and I wanted to share with you a great make-up product that you should include in your kit for the summer.As soon as I start to get colour on my face, I find I go off foundation and even tinted moisturiser – I think when your in hot countries the less you put on your face the cooler you remain.But every girl wants to look made up in the evening…So have you tried Bronzer? The one I’ve used for this trip is a cheap one from Collections called Mosaic. I personally wouldn’t spend a huge amount on this type of product, as your are only using it for a couple of months and for hygiene purposes you should get a fresh one each year.If you have Autumn or Spring colourings then your quite lucky as most of the bronzers will work lovely, if you have Winter or Spring colourings, then you need to select one that have pinks within the mix – a mosaic version like mine is great as it has a whole host of different shades.The best way to apply it is using a big brush – I have a compact big brush (from The Bodyshop). Start by adding some primer to your face (this is always a good base for make-up).  Next, take your brush and fill it with Bronzer, shake off any excess before applying. Then apply using the number 3 rule; start at your forehead and draw a three – so from your forehead to your cheek, and then to your chin. Repeat the other side. Done.I still use a little blusher, mascara, eyebrow pencil and lipstick – it looks fresh, modern and I’m pleased to say it lasts all night!I purchased mine from Boots at £2.99

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