Essential kit – Revelation Primer by House of Colour

Did you know that your foundation would look better if you use a primer first?

I discovered primer as part of my skin care regime a couple of years ago when I was shopping in London with my girlfriend Sue.   We cheekily popped into the beauty department at Liberty London to try some of their products out with no intention of buying!  The beauty girls did a great job, and we left looking & feeling fabulous. (Top tip: We also picked up a tip about smiling when applying blusher so that it goes onto the “curve” of your cheek – we both still do this today!)

Earlier this year, I had a make-up lesson by House of Colour , a gift by my hubby’s mum, Carol.  It was great thing to do as I can find that I pretty much stick to the same products & colours everyday and then wonder why photos of me always look the same!  I throughly enjoyed the morning, playing with all the products and chatting to my new girlfriends that I will only come to know for those 4 hours of my life! 

During this session, I was introduced to Revelation Primer, unlike some I had purchased in the past this was less of a cream but more like a gel.  I instantly liked the feel & finish it left on my face.  I purchased a pot that day.  It lasted months as you only need a little bit.  Recently due to lazyness I picked up a high street primer to replenish and was sadly disappointed with the results, so I’m going back for more!  

It’s a little more than your mid-price make-up items but the results are worth it.  Buy direct from  House of Colour

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  1. Carol
    January 29, 2012 / 11:11 am

    Primer is an essential part of your make up routine really gives 'great' results to make up

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