Essential Kit: Quick French Manicure DIY

When it comes to nails, there are so many colours and patterns now that sometimes it just nice to keep things simple.

French manicures are not only classy but they make your nails look really healthy.  If you just added some clear nail varnish, whilst you may be protecting them, the overall finish doesn’t look that great.  By spending a few minutes adding some white, can make a big difference.

This mani only takes less than five minutes to do and it’s surprising just how many lovely comments I get about my nails!  

So here are my step by step guide!

  1. This is only going to work if you have some white nail tips.  They don’t need to be very long, but you do need to have them!
  2. If you have the odd nail that’s broken, then tidy up as best you can and just use clear on that one.
  3. File all other nails to the same length and keep them fairly square – this goes against the current trend of having them curvy, but it’s the best shape for French Manicure.
  4. Regular readers know my love of Rimmel so this is what I will be using
  5. Take Rimmel 60 seconds clear and apply one coat
  6. Grab the Rimmel Lasting Fix in colour Melted Mallow – this is an iridescent white that makes the nail look more natural than using an opaque white.
  7. Apply a thin coat from left to right as steady as you can – only across the tip
  8. Add another application of the Rimmel 60 seconds clear
  9. Wait 60 seconds
  10. And your ready to go, YES ready to go!
My nails approx two weeks ago

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  1. Nina
    July 31, 2012 / 4:37 pm

    Love the tips , I have terrible nails because I spend many hours in the stable… :=)

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