Earlier this year I wrote about a freebie I got from London Fashion Weekend from the label.m haircare range.

Their Sea Salt Spray is still one of my favourite hair products to use during the week for that quick blow-dry with textured volume feel!  If you missed it, read about it here.


I’ve discovered my hairdresser’s stocking this range and today I had the chance to try some other products from their range.  My hair is fine and flyaway and I’m aways looking to find products that gives my hair more thickness and bounce.

I’m really happy with the results, so I picked up a brochure to explore more of what products label.m have to offer.  Their marketing takes you through a similar format to how a woman would approach a daily skincare routine – this way of communicating with their customers is great; as it clearly explains what products should be used during the process of trying to achieve a fabulous looking style.

So just remember the 4C’s:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Condition
  3. Create
  4. Complete

So simple!

As a woman, I often give thought to my skin ageing over time and take consideration in looking after my skin to prevent (as much as possible 😉 ) my skin ageing, but I’ve never really given any thought to my hair ageing….well apart from the typical “do I have any grey hairs?”  (So far so good on that front!)

label.m do a range of age-defying products called Therapy to apparently help with the five key signs of hair ageing:

  1. Coarseness:  It boosts collagen to smooth and reduce coarseness
  2. Thinness: It strengthens thin hair with volume-building proteins
  3. Dryness:  It has moisture retention properties to combat dryness
  4. Weakness:  It reinforces fragile hair and minimises breakage
  5. Dullness:  It gives dull or greying hair increased luminosity and revitalised shine

If you think you may have some of these issues, then you should have a chat with your hairdresser at your next appointment to see what they recommend you should do as part of your daily hair routine.

On my hair today the following two products were used:

Blow Out Spray (200ml / £11.95)
This product should protect your hair from heat of the dryer plus add volume.

Read more about it here

Sleek Blow Out Cream (150ml / £14.50)
Nourishing cream to restore moisture whilst giving a smooth frizz-free finish.

Read more about it here

I did notice on their website that they have sample sizes that you can purchase for some products, starting from £3.50 – this is a great way to test products before investing.

And here is the end result; my hair feels and looks fabulous!

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