Essential kit – James Brown London Dry Shampoo

I discovered James Brown London hair products a couple of years ago.   An intensive mask conditioner was being given away with one of my monthly magazine.  Kate Moss was recommending it and so I thought if its good enough for Kate then I shall give it a go!  

So impressed was I with the results, I checked out what other products were available, the only place I could find stocking his range was Boots Chemist.  There is not a vast amount of products in the range but what products there are all work – exactly as it says on the bottle!

I use a lot of the products, but the one I always ensure I pack is the reviving dry shampoo.  If you have never used dry shampoo this stuff can get you out of serious “lack of time to do hair” situations!!  

Simply shake, lift hair section, spray under hair direct onto the roots and repeat.   But don’t do it all over – stick to the crown. Wait a few minutes and then brush out, and I mean brush! If not you will be left with white hair and if you are a brunette like me, it just looks grey!  It won’t feel clean – but it will look like you have just done your hair – for us time poor people, every little bit helps!

Another trick is, if you want to wear your hair up, but your hair is too squeaky clean to do so, then put some of this in to add some texture and you find that it will help with keeping it all in place.

Top tip – James Brown London normally forms part of the Boots gift range and after Christmas we all know that Boots put their gift sets at half price – so if you want to try his hair products go and have a look now!!!

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