I discovered this product a couple of years ago on a girls road-trip around Cornwall – I needed a fix of gloss for my lips and realised I had left my lip balm at home.   My dear friend Jen offered her 8 hour cream “just get it out of my bag” she said as she was merrily driving through the Cornish roads.  I had never heard of this cream – this then started Jen on a huge long sales spill about all the things it can do, I was so impressed I decided to buy a tube myself and started using it.   

I now use this nearly everyday for all the benefits Jen had mentioned plus more.

It’s simply great.

  • You can use it on your lips to protect, smooth or add a some shine to your colour lippy!
  • I’ve found that if you get a little sunburn on your face on holiday, if you pop some on before going to bed, all the redness has gone by morning
  • It now forms part of my make-up process, especially in the summertime when you don’t want your make up to look heavy
  • For the natural look,  I add it to lips and cheeks plus I found it to be a great eyebrow fixer for those stray ones!
  • For evening, if you want to add a little shine to your colour on cheeks & eyes
  • It’s also good to use on any dry patches you come across, like on the back of your hands or elbows.
  • And strangely the product tube feels like it will last forever…….because you only need to use a little amount.

This product now goes everywhere with me, its always in my make-up bag.  As it’s a branded product, this is a great one to pick up in Duty free when you are next travelling.

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