Essential Guide: The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Decorum – FRIENDSHIP

Continuing on with “The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Decorum” by Kim Izzo and Ceri Marsh, here we look at Friendship.

We all love our girlfriends, and the love and support we get from them, here are some fun and essential tips, from Kim and Ceri!  With extra comments made by me 😉 !

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“Friends are vital to the happiness of the Fabulous Girl.  Friends of all ages, sexes and locales will enrich an FG’s life by giving her expert opinions on wardrobe, love life, career, health and all that fulfils her. Forget diamonds: society is a girl’s best friend.”

Girl Time

“How much time should be reserved for girl time?  If you are a busy career woman and are in a relationship, then it may be realistic for you to see friends only once or twice a week.  Those occasions may be lunch dates or cocktails in the 5-7pm range so that you can go home for quiet time.  And if you are burning the candle at both ends, you should not feel obliged to see the same friend every week. Leaving phone messages or e-mail to check on a friend will keep you connected when you can’t get together.”

Twitter or Facebook are really good ways to keep in touch, especially if the location is far between you and a girlfriend.

More Money

“Bound as it is to success and worth, money can be a tricky issue for friends to navigate.  Whether one pal suddenly hits the jackpot or was simply born with a silver spoon in her mouth, a discrepancy in income can be awkward.

As the poor cousin in the equation, you must not assume that your wealthier friend wants to make up the difference when you go out together.  Always look after your half of the bill even if she’s got more than to cover the whole thing.  You’ll both feel more like equal partners in your friendship by handling shares expenses this way.”

That said, it’s always nice to treat a friend, especially if things have not been going so great – the ‘thank you’ you’ll get, will be worth more than the value you spent!

Friendship is a long section in the book, and so it should be!  It’s an important part of everyone’s life – the section ends with this fabulous suggestion for a day with you best friend – a girl can never tire of shopping, not when there is lunch involved too!

The Fabulous Girl’s Perfect Day Shopping with her Best FG


Rise after an extra-long beauty rest.  A light energy-boosting breakfast.

Wardrobe: White or flesh -tone thong, button-up shirt, skirt and flat shoes. (they’ve missed out the bra?!)

Grooming: Shower, full hair and make-up.

Fabulous Girl Tip: A watch is your only accessory.


Meet best friend at the nicest shopping district in town.  Try on lot of clothes whether or not you intend or can afford to buy anything.

Fabulous Girl Tip: Try on the clothes pre-lunch to ensure a flat stomach.


Ladies Who Lunch: Tablecloths and waiter service.

Table Talk: Gossip, fashion, men, goals.

Fabulous Girl Tip: No fast food.


Apres-lunch: Giving the ‘maybes’ a second look.

Manicures, pedicures, flicking through the magazines, shoe shopping.

Fabulous Girl Tip: Swollen feet guarantee fit.


Tea, read, nap.



Private fashion show.

Remove tags and put away new threads.

Fabulous Girl Tip: Revel in your good taste.”

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