Essential Guide: The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Decorum – The last instalment

I hope you have enjoyed the extracts from this etiquette book, there are some really funny suggestions which adds a touch of fabulous to every day life!

On the last instalment for Loved by Lizzi, here are a few more extracts .

“Regardless of her income bracket, every FG’s pad should be a palace. Maintaining an attractive and comfortable home is essential in the life of a Fabulous Girl…

…Take time to paint your walls a pleasing colour. Spend what you can on furniture.  Buy yourself fresh flowers.  Keep your home clean and tidy.  Think about cleaning and decorating your place the way you do about exercising and eating well; it’s all about looking after yourself.”

The Zen of Hostessing
‘The term ‘hostess’ may strike you as too retro for our modern FG, but nothing could be more hip now than taking on this age-old role and making it cook.  The key to hostessing is frame of mind.  Forget the image of you greeting your guests in a ruffly apron.  Instead think of yourself as the very place where people come together.  Of course you also have to look after people too – get them drinks, make your place comfortable and stylish, play the right music and so on.  But above all, be happy about your task. People loved to be looked after, but only by someone who wants to do so.”

The Guest LIst
“Whether you’re having people over for cocktails, dinner or a bash, take the time to consider your guest list rather than just inviting the same list of pals you call on every time. The best hostesses develop a reputation for creating events that put new people together.”

Dress Codes
“Make them.  Letting people know what is expected of them puts them at ease.  Dress codes spare your friends the embarrassment of showing up to a dressy cocktail party in jeans.  If you are sending printed invitations, the dress code goes on it.”

“Even a low-key event you can make an effort.  You must consider your appearance to be part of your contribution to the evening (or afternoon).  Of course as the hostess, this is doubly important.  Your attractive, kept appearance is a measure of your appreciation for your guests.”

“Life is nothing else if not funny.  There is always a humorous side to events and situations.  An FG finds it and laughs.  It may take hours, day or weeks to be found, but that humour is there.  It may sound coy, but sometimes recounting your disastrous day with a humorous exaggeration of its tragedies to a sympathetic friend can entertain both of you.  Sometimes an FG just needs to picture her life as her own movie and that will be enough to lighten the burden.  What would happen next?  A well-placed witty line is also a gem during intense moments.”

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  1. Selina
    February 16, 2013 / 5:45 pm

    Love this post! Considering buying the book…

  2. Loved by Lizzi
    February 17, 2013 / 8:41 am

    You'll love it Selina! X

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