Essential Classic: The wrap dress

Starting on the 4 November on the E channel, is a new show called House of DVF.  Now for those of you who perhaps don’t know what DVF stands for, this is Diane von Furstenberg!!!  She is an amazing women, who I love. #girlpower

A Belgium fashion designer who lives in the USA; who’s renowned for making the best wrap dresses in the world!  Her new fashion reality tv programme kicks starts on the 4th November – you’ll see from the video below there are a number of girls all trying to compete to get the one job! (Which really should be for me 😉 )

A wrap dress is simply a dress with a front closure, that goes around the body by wrapping one side across the other and knotting the attached ties to the side of your body so that it stays firmly tied.  This will form a V-shaped neckline and generally hugs a woman’s body as the material is usually jersey or silk. Probably the best body shapes for this type of dress are either Pear or Hour-glass.  And it’s meant to be one of the easiest dresses for anyone to wear, regardless of height, weight or dress size.

They come in a variety of colours and patterns; making it versatile for work or for leisure.  They can be dressed up with heels or you can go for a more relaxed look at weekends with sandals.

I wore a blue patterned wrap dress to my 30th birthday party, with a fabulous brooch style necklace and knee-high black boots.

Top tips for buying a wrap dress:

  1. Make sure it fits you properly – high street wrap dresses usually are made in jersey fabric so if you don’t buy it big enough then the pattern can stretch, this does not look good!
  2. Be careful about the V-neckline – for very busty women it’s highly recommended to wear a modesty top underneath, there is nothing glam about letting it all be seen!
  3. If your going for a pattern, it needs to be in proportion to you! – So if your petite avoid big bold prints it will only overwhelm your appearance, and if your larger avoid teeny-tiny patterns, this will only make you look bigger.
  4. The most flattering of wrap dresses fit best when they finish either on the knee or just slightly above
  5. If you don’t like that length – go for Maxi
  6. If the tie is too long/bulky – find a seamstress to make this right for you.  Highstreets tend to make them long so that they fit all sizes of women
  7. Think about the colour – try and pick a colour that’s right for your skin tone and natural colourings
  8. If your spending a lot of money, especially like a DVF – opt for one that you can wear frequently like the office, so that you get value out of your investment

In celebration of Diane‘s new programme, I’ve selected a few of her wrap dresses.

These first two are ideal for the office!

New Jeanne Two 
Silk Jersey Wrap Dress
In Chain Link Medium

New Julian Two Jersey Wrap Dress

In Purple Haze

Now the next one is a little pricey – but if you were to select one in the right colours, this would be an ideal investment that you can wear on holiday, to the garden party, BBQ or out with girlfriends for lunch. It would last you years.

Heritage New Jeanne Two Long 
Maxi Silk Jersey Wrap Dress

In Twigs Large Green

Here’s a preview of what’s to come from early November….I’m still so excited!  For those of you who receive this by email, you’ll have to click here to view the film.

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