January Style by Lizzi Richardson

Happy New Year fashion peeps! Welcome to 2024.

January style can feel such a sluggish month after all the festive delights of December – however it doesn’t have to feel that way with a few little tweaks, you can boost your mood and sail through January without much effort! Here’s how…

Upgrade your Athleisure wear

I will be in athleisure wear for a good 50% of January; my jeans currently do not fit (which for the vast majority of the population, this is true too). My house doesn’t have heating on 24/7, therefore the cosy (and warmness) needed from joggers and sweatshirts is a practical reality.

With the sales on, you can elevate any tired looking leggings, joggers or sweats by bargain hunting some newer pieces to add a little freshness to this casual style.

When you need to pop out in a dash with no time to really get ready; I add a long length coat, swap the sweater for a polo neck as this is more stylish under the coat and can elevate the everyday jogger very easily.

Then add chunky boots or if you can brave cold ankles choose trainers. I finish the whole look off with a baseball cap (no hairstyling needed) – I’ve been amazed just how many compliments I’ve got with this casual off-duty look, and I swear it’s the polo neck and baseball cap that are the two winners here!

A fresh handbag

Notice here I didn’t say NEW! Have a dig around in the cupboards and see what bags you have already – but just changing your every day bag can be a huge mood booster.

If you are more in the mood for something new, then considered a structured top handle bag; this can elevate a casual look very easily or if you are back to the office in sharp tailoring then this will be a game-changer to your stylish office vibe.

Go one step further and make it a statement colour – I’m thinking pillar box red, kelly green or a royal blue – something that will pop and make heads turn.

January Style elevation tips

A colourful scarf

The everyday coat can feel quite dull come January, you’ve been wearing this already since October; so 3 months in, your January style could probably do with a splash of colour.

A really easy way to do this is add a lovely warm colourful scarf, just to lift your style and it’s not the biggest investment to make for the mood-boosting positivity it will bring.


By now you are probably bored of the Christmas red or the New Year glitter nails – either go super fresh with a French Mani to give that clean look or choose a bright colour like pink or orange to give you a little freshness and move on from December style.




After the weeks of many celebrations, it’s time to give your hair some time off from all the styling.

Now if you are a dog owner like me, you probably live in beanie hats or baseball caps. May I suggest you upgrade your hat to a winter trilby style, especially if you are out for brunch or lunch.

I find this works well with our drizzly UK weather, it keeps your head warm, plus it really elevates an outdoor look if most of the day is going to be city walking or outside.

If you have a fringe (like me) then read my blogpost HOW TO WEAR A HAT WITH A FRINGE to help you if you need to take your hat off once inside.

Lizzi’s Wearing

Jumper & Bag – Phase Eight

Cargo Trousers – Cabi Clothing

Heeled Boots – House of CB

Trilby Hat – Primark


All the photos in this blogpost have been taken by the fabulous Sarah Rider who owns the copyrights


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  1. Ann
    January 5, 2024 / 2:06 pm

    Thank you for all the brilliant ideas. I am especially pleased with the trilby as I’ve been wearing beanies, which sometimes have given me a boring look. I can now enjoy the winter in style!

    • lovedbylizzi
      January 6, 2024 / 9:42 am

      It’s the small tweaks that can really lift the mood x

  2. January 6, 2024 / 11:03 am

    Great tips, especially the hat, it’s about to get freezing apparently! 🙂

    • lovedbylizzi
      January 7, 2024 / 7:41 am

      Oh really, we could do with a proper winter spell x

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