Dr Fish Pedicure

This blogpost comes to you with two new firsts! One being the treatment I will be reviewing, and the second is that this is my first blogpost using my iPad! So here goes…

On Friday early evening I headed from work to my beauty salon, I was really excited about trying this new foot spa involving fishes, as quite a few friends have said to me just how good it is. I also thought the price of £10 for 15 mins was reasonable, so my expectations were high.

In my spa they offer this treatment near the customer waiting area, shielded by some large dressing frames – I have to be honest I wasn’t keen on this, I felt clumsy taking off my heavy boots & outdoor gear with no real room to put my items down. I then had to spray my feet over a bowl myself before I could use the tank. I suppose for the price you are paying you have to expect to do a lot of self-service!

I think I was lucky, as there were two tanks and no one else having the treatment, they offered for me to place one foot in each tank, so I had twice the amount of Garra Rufa fishes working on me during this time. The initial sensation you get when you put your feet in (and believe me they are waiting for you once you start to hover your feet above the tank) is overwhelming! At first I thought, I can’t do this, my feet are far to sensitive, but the lady said to me “keep with it and you will soon relax”. I couldn’t bear to look at my feet.

After a few minutes it all calms down, my next concern was that my right foot was getting a lot of action but the little blightlys in the left tank had enough! I kept stirring my foot to encourage them to start work again!! Well I didn’t want to feel unbalanced!!

After 15 mins the fish had done an amazing job, my feet were soft, but not completely hard skin free, but I’m sure you would need a few of them to get them in top condition. A few hours later my feet still tingled which I never get from a normal pedicure. Is it relaxing? No. Would I do it again? Yes but I would go with a friend as I think it would be more fun.

Overall for the price you are paying, this is a fun affordable treat that you can do with a friend. It would also make a lovely token gift for loved ones for any future occasions.

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