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Beauty Room Product Review | NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum


Eyelash growth serum is a product I’ve been wishing to try. NYK1 invited me to try NYK1 LASH FORCE EYELASH GROWTH SERUM & here’s what I think.

Now I’m going to start with one big huge CAVEAT before even getting into my product review.

If you have sensitive eyes, if you wear contact lenses and if for any reason you are have any concerns about trying this product on your own eyelashes, you MUST read the full instructions and care information BEFORE application.

You are responsible for YOU!

I read them before trying out this product on myself.



Well. before I get into why I was keen to try eyelash growth serum – let me start at the beginning of my own eyelash journey. I personally don’t think my own eyelashes are that thick or that long.

Over the years I’ve tried numerous mascaras, spent lots of my money on expensive mascaras promising me extra thickness and length and I’ve been sadly very disappointed with the results!

Last year when I did the Prima shoot, they put false ones on me – initially I loved it, in fact I could not stop looking at my eyes with them on, but it left me feeling low about my own every day eyelashes. I tried using the false ones myself, using individual ones (like they did) and I tried the full set too, but I simply could not get on with the application!

I was then tempted with getting them done professionally; I know my own beautician would do an excellent job, as lash applications is one of her favourite treatments, but I just knew this was not they way I wished to go.

You see as much as I love beauty products and trying looks out, when it comes to the every day (which is my life!) I just want to look the best version of me, as naturally as possible.

I discovered the options of eyelash growth serum by watching the fabulous Lisa Eldridge on YouTube.  It was one of the products she was using whilst at home in Lockdown 1. Her one major tip was that you have to stick with it, give it time and if you stop applying, it stops working.



My first application was on Sunday 29th November 2020; Sunday evenings are typical selfcare home spa nights to set me up for the week. After a full double-cleanse of the face then a deep facial mask, I had my first attempt. I’ve never been that great at applying lash liquid eyeliner, but this is basically what you are mimicking, yet the liquid is clear.

You only need to do the roots and not the entire length of the lashes, or you are simply wasting serum. I found after a minute the ‘wet’ feeling went and you are pretty much free to carry on with the rest of your skincare routine straight away.

The first 7-10 days, applying morning and night, felt really tedious. In fact after a week I felt like giving up. However, when a brand asks you try their product, there is something about THAT, that makes you stick at it. I think if I had bought it, I would have failed.


By WEEk 3

Now I know this next sentence is going to sound weird, but it’s okay I am in a support bubble with my mum…

I was having a cuppa with my mum, and I happened to stroke my eyelashes because there was something in my eye; but what I felt stop me in my tracks and I headed to the bathroom mirror immediately. I felt thickness!

I felt it so much, I think I spent the entire evening constantly checking that the thickness hadn’t disappeared. Now experiencing something had changed, this kept me motivated to keep going. Morning and again at bedtime, each day.


By week 5

I could see extra length. It was there. I was giddy with excitement. THIS is what I have wanted to achieve for some time. Without false lashes, without having to have them semi-permanent in all the time. Finally, they looked like good strong thick lashes. I was happy.



NYK1 recommend that you use it for a full 8 weeks to see your best results. I’ve just passed my eight week anniversary and I am very happy with the results. I no longer see it as a chore, I am happy to include it into my daily routine. The product expires at 6 months or unless the serum runs out before then.

Because this is used near your eyes you shouldn’t go past the 6 month expiry date.


Here’s what I love

  • It worked! Finally a beauty product that actually did something.
  • It makes you clean your eyelashes twice a day properly, before applying – that can only be a good thing
  • It’s easy to apply – once you find your knack it’s very quick
  • I think I love the thickness more than the length – but having both is a win-win
  • I use less mascara – I’ve not been using any whilst at home, which is unheard of for me, as I always used to have a little on to try and show some lash. But when I do apply for a day-look, I am only really applying mascara to the tips
  • I am also not having to curl my eyelashes (I still do before a full make up look) but not now needed for my every day look.


A couple of things I noticed during the eight weeks

  • The first week or two my eyes did feel a little itchy. I made sure I didn’t rub them as I didn’t want any of the serum getting into my eyes
  • Eight weeks on, if I do rub my eyes, I definitely feel a sensation coming from my lashes, so I just try not to rub them


The other thing I learnt over these eight weeks; I can’t take photos of my eyelashes myself. I’ve tried so many times but failed.

On this occasion, you’ll just have to take my word for it; but the fact that I intend to spend £39.95 in 18 weeks to replenish it and keep this gem in my beauty kit, must prove just how much I truly love it!


NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum – £39.95

NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum
NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum









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