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Sustainable fashion – is it a buzz word or is it something you are giving some serious consideration? Loved by Lizzi has always been about ‘wear your wardrobe’ – I want ladies to invest in quality classics that they will wear year in and year out and keep their look fresh, modern and stylish by adding trendy pieces season after season. I feel Distinctively Me offers you the chance to fully invest in yourself and enhance the quality of your classics with the confidence of knowing it will be versatile, designed for you, plus doing your bit for the environment.

Just to be clear and upfront with you, this is not a sponsored post – I was kindly invited by Carol Hanson, who you’ve met before on the blog to join her in a meeting with Jill White, the founder of Distinctively Me. I have no obligation to blog about her services at all; the content I posted on the day on my Instagram got quite a few of you buzzing! And her services are something I am considering potentially in the future and so I thought I would share this with you.

Corporate styling can at times feel really restraint. Business wear that’s smart-casual is quite frankly confusing for many professional women; how do you stand out when your clothes do the talking before you’ve even opened your mouth! Tailoring is so important to get right – I feel it can easily make or break your potential career opportunities (if having a successful career is something you want). And a made to measure service that is available here in London, by professional tailors, I think is something to consider.



Distinctively Me Chanel style jacket

Made to Measure

When you spend time, money and careful thinking into designing a product for your home – you never just simply throw it away. I have a number of pieces of art, furniture and other artefacts that I have really researched, had personalised or simply known that there are only a few available – these items will be with me forever. Can you achieve the same with clothes? I think so.

Jackets, dresses and trousers, designed for you and in your right colour season, can easily be items you wear year in and year out. Now regular use of clothing will get to a point that may be threadbare to continue wearing, but what a lovely thought! You have worn something, time and time again until you can no longer – how many workwear pieces have you owned to date where you can say that you have truly done this?

Distinctively Me offers you the chance to have tailored made products, made to fit you at premium highstreet prices – so if you currently shop in Reiss, Karen Millen, LK Bennett for your tailoring items – then this is an affordable option for you. Made for you, in Hampstead London, in a matter of a few weeks.


Distinctively Me Fabrics


Distinctively Me colour swatches


Made for you

Now it’s not a service I have experienced yet; and until I do I am limited on exactly all the details I can share with you – but what I do know is that you will be invited along to Hampstead, London for an initial consultation. Within this consultation you can see a wide range of existing garments that have already been made. If we take trousers as an example; I think there are at least four to five different styles to choose from helping you to select for your body shape, and you have no need to worry about your waistline or leg length as this will all be measured and made to fit YOU!

Once you know the garments you want, you will get to choose fabrics, linings, talk through details of buttons etc – Jill will guide you all the way.

And then a few weeks later your will be invited back for another fitting.

Made in London, designed by you, for you – I think this is a truly exciting service.



Distinctively Me sizing label

What size are you?

Is something you would not have to share…. no need to cut the label out. A proud ‘Size Me’ will be stitched into your garments. I love this feature – not that I am that bothered by sizing, I very much advocate that you should wear the size that fits you best; however this can easily fluctuant either way depending on where you shop. Removing this is like sticking your name on it – which is very much a lovely thing to have.


If you would like to know more about Jill White and her services that she offers at Distinctively Me, then head to website or check her out on social.



What I wore

Well knowing that I was going to be looking at tailoring I felt I need to go quite smart to this meeting – and so I added my ‘Chanel’ style Zara cream jacket over this colourful Zara floral dress. Long boots as it was a cold Spring day and added my newly purchased (preloved) INYATI blue bag which picks out the blues in my dress, and a blush pink scarf for a little added warmth.

Lizzi Richardson ootd




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